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Friday, December 26, 2014

Poieo3D Printer Kickstarter

Looking for that next affordable 3D family printer? Poieo 3D is trying to make it with a Kickstarter campaign that ends next week. They're trying to raise $100,000 CAD (approximately $86,118 USD) and are only about 1/8th of the way there. That's just over 150 printers and lots of filament they want sold, and they've only sold 17 so far.

The typical 3D printer checks in at quite a bit more than $600 USD, so I like their price point if I was in the market. And, one thing they promise with the purchase is free online education for life, on how to find, design, and print 3D images. It is a great deal if they can succeed.

The Poieo3D Printer lists for CAD$799.99 at the company website but in concert with the Kickstarter campaign running until the end of 2014, purchasers can take advantage of a host of special, value-added discounts: the Early Bird at CAD$649 (US$571), the Kickstarter Special at CAD$699 (US$615), and the value-infused Kickstarter Bundle that features a trio of Poieo3D Printers plus three spools of printing filament for just CAD$1,999 or US$1,759! US dollar prices are based on the current exchange rate of 0.88.

If you do the math and want three, if they haven't hit the limit of 50 on the early bird special, it is cheaper to buy three that way then the trio bundle.

I wish them well with their campaign. I think it is a long shot they make it with just a week left.

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