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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Making the Most from Advowire

Maximize Advowire Revenue
If you're a blogger you frequently look for ways to make money from blogging. Not everyone does, but most bloggers try to pick up a couple bucks here and there whenever possible. It may not be much, but it adds up over time. I recently cashed out my first $100 from doing little things that earned anywhere from 32¢ to 93¢ from tweets and Facebook postings. One such place is advowire. It is part of

Technically, you don't have to be a blogger to participate. All you have to do is have 500 Twitter followers, 250 Facebook fans, 100 Facebook friends, OR 100 Linkedin contacts. For those that you qualify for, you can post to that social network. When you post, you earn money. Then, every 12 hours, you can post and earn money again.

It isn't quite that easy though. When you want to post, you must visit their opportunity page, see if you qualify for anything, and see if there are any postings left. If a sponsor wants something posted 30 times, and 30 other people posted the message already, you can't and thus won't get paid.

Making the Most from Advowire
Therein lies the dilemma. How can you maximize your ability to post? In the top right corner of the page you'll see this Balance & Rank box along with notifications below. If notifications are enabled for a particular site, shown in blue, you will be emailed 12 hours after your last post to that source. You want that enabled so you know when to start looking for things to share. For me, I don't have Linkedin connected so have notifications for there off.
advowire listing
Notifications alone aren't sufficient though. The highest paying offer at the moment pays 77¢ for each of a Facebook and Twitter share. That includes the 4% bonus shown in the Balance & Rank section for me, but more on the bonus later. The circle there is yellow which means I'm not eligible to post. The not eligible is because I've posted in the last 12 hours. If it was blue, it would be shares depleted. Red means not enabled, which shows up for me for Linkedin when sharing is an option for that site. The good color is green which means you can share. To maximize revenue, you must have shares available, AND the listing must have shares available.
advowire scheduling
Each day a new set of shares are made available. Therein lies the key to maximizing revenue. In order to get the 77¢, I must be one of the first 5 or 3 people to visit the site when those opportunities are made available. To find out when, put your mouse over the clock icon and a popup will show you that for each listing, the magic time is 3 pm. Sometimes, the opportunity is only available on certain days of the week. For that, rest your mouse over the calendar icon. If I show up at 7 pm, the likelihood of getting paid for this listing is nil. At 3:15, I might have a chance, if nobody has stopped by yet. At 3:00... I'm much more likely to be able to find that posting available, provided I haven't posted in the last 12 hours.
advowire loading
The other thing to watch for is more listings. The site lazily loads listings. It puts the first half dozen or so on the page and you might think that is the only opportunities available. Be sure to scroll the page to the bottom. If there are more listings available, you'll see a "Loading" image like the one above. If additional listings are available, you'll then see them. Repeat this until Loading no longer shows up. Today, I had to do this 3-4 times as there are many opportunities. Typically, there aren't that many pages worth.

The last thing to mention is that 4% I previously mentioned. When you first signup for the site, you do not get a bonus. After 25 postings, you get a 2% bonus. After 150, it is 4%. I think the next bump up is at 500 or 1,000 shares. If you want to bypass that initial 25 posting period, email me, and I'll send you an invite to the site. I will get a slight commission on your postings, but you'll earn 2% more immediately on yours. And, that's just one more way to make money from advowire. They don't do referral links for some reason, so you must email me directly. Just click on the green envelope in the top left corner of page if interested in signing up.

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  1. I've tried your great tips previously, but it's still tough to get the timing down right. There are certain times of the day when they seem to update, but they're not always consistent. And unfortunately, not all my channels are available to post on at the same time. Very frustrating. Good for those who are sitting at a desk all day, lol

  2. Advowire is still very new. I believe it opened in Oct. 2014. It takes a long time to evolve a website into something great.

    I miss the Twitearn opportunity that let me earn easy extra money. I hope it returns.