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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Brewie Home Brewer Indiegogo Campaign

Yesterday, we highlighted the Poieo3D Printer Kickstarter campaign. They are highly unlikely to hit their goal, however much I'd like it to. Today, we highlight the Brewie campaign over at Indiegogo, another crowd funding site. They're creating a self-contained home brewer. Just add ingredients, push a few buttons, and out comes some beer. They're in a completely different situation. They've already hit their goal, have introduced some new perks, and still have another month to go to hit a stretch goal they've added.
I've never brewed my own beer but I've certainly drank my fair share. With something this easy, I can certainly see myself giving it a try, if I ever had a spare $1,499 to buy the unit (plus $150 shipping). They provide the recipes that you can tweak. There are 23 different parameters, such as temperature, time or water amount you can manipulate. They even offer a perk called a Brewie Pad that simplifies the whole ingredients process. It couldn't be any easier.
Their next goal is to raise $200,000. While they're at only $125,825 as I write this, I don't think their stretch goal is that unrealistic. It is a stretch though. If the extended funding level gets hit, what they're planning on doing is doubling the number of times the Brewie can add hops during the brewing process, up to four, instead of the current two.

Be sure to check out their campaign before the January 31st cutoff if interested.

Hundert Jahre sollst du leben und dich freuen,
und dann noch ein extra Jahr - zum Bereuen.
Darauf erhebe ich mein Glas: Prost!

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  1. How cool is that? Certainly brings brewing right to the home. A little pricey though for my pocket book and we're not drinkers. I'm glad they reached their goal and I'm sure they'll find the market for it.