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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Try Caviar for Local Restaurant Delivery

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Try Caviar for Local Restaurant Delivery
Do you ever do group ordering of food from the office (or home) to bring in lunch or have last minute catering needs? The website is available in several big cities like Boston, Chicago, LA, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC that basically allow you to share a cart and let everyone order on their own from area restaurants. Provided you're in their delivery region, they'll then deliver it to you during the requested time window.

For each available region, you can order from many of the local restaurants, and people can pick from any of the available items from any of the available restaurants. There is supposedly no minimum.

Comparing prices, they seem to tack on 50 cents per menu item and have a $5 or $10 delivery fee, but your first order has no delivery fee, for now. And you can track your order via GPS, too.

Looks like an interesting service, IF you are in their delivery region, which seems to be small in each area. Some cities like San Francisco have multiple delivery regions.

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