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Thursday, November 27, 2014

toolani Cheap International Call App Review

toolani Cheap International Call App Review
Do you make occasional international calls from your mobile phone? Are you upset about what you pay to your mobile provider for such calls? If so, you need to check out the iOS/Android app toolani as an alternative. The call connects through a local landline number to the remote user, and toolani will recognize your international contacts to redirect the calls through toolani.

Comparing some rates, on toolani, a call to Brazil is 2.7¢/minute to a landline or 20.9¢/minute to a mobile (plus 5¢/call). With Verizon Wireless, there are three options. If you're a frequent caller, you can get 1,000 minutes for $20 with an overage of 10¢/minute. For a mid-range usage, you can pay a flat rate of $5/month with 15¢/minute to a landline or 32¢/minute to a mobile line. Or, for the occasional call, it is $1.99/minute whether mobile or landline.

Depending upon your calling pattern and which plan you go with, toolani almost always comes off as the cheaper alternative. There are some exceptions.

If who you are calling is on a mobile line, the $20 rate is cheapest if you call over about 100 minutes. There is no way for toolani to catch that, specifically to mobile line users.

If, however, the recipient is on a landline, Verizon is cheaper with the flat $20 rate if you call around 750 - 1,100 minutes. Above and below that, toolani is the cheaper choice. Unless you're sure you'll be within that range, I wouldn't want to risk coming in within exactly that range. For the one time caller, it is clear the $1.99/minute vs. the 2.7¢/minute or 20.9¢/minute is a big difference. If you call enough to want their 15/32 ¢/minute charge plus $5 fee, there is no way for Verizon to be cheaper. Per minute charges are higher and you're paying $5 more to boot.

Other mobile providers have similar rate structures. Other countries offer rates that may or may not differ between mobile and landline, like China which is 1.4¢/minute on toolani no matter what the destination is. Verizon is 13¢/minute mobile, 14¢/minute landline with the $5 fee, or $2.49/minute without the fee.

If interested in testing, your first call is free.

I can't vouch for using it as a long term solution. Economically, it seems to make sense. For someone who doesn't make that many international calls, it is definitely a worthwhile option to consider to avoid the exorbitant fees of your regular wireless provider.

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