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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Repeat Delivery at Petco

This was brought to you by Petco and
¿Got pets? We have a 120-ish pound Newfoundland, pictured below. He eats lots and lots of food. No more than normal for his breed, but 30-40 pound bags can be very heavy, especially if you want to get multiple when on sale. We have a Petco nearby so I don't mind stopping regularly. Even with a close location, though, you need to think about Petco's repeat delivery service.

It is fun trying to take a picture of an all black dog... With that said, with repeat delivery service from Petco, you setup a regular schedule for them to delivery pet food right to your door. You setup the schedule that is right for you and you determine what to buy for each repeat delivery. Typically, this is the same each 2-4 weeks, but you can certainly override the regular scheduled order and add more when on sale or if you want something extra like a toy.

Price is determined by the lowest online price at time of shipment. So, if the price when you scheduled was at $25/bag, you could pay more or less each month at delivery time if the price went up or down that month.

Once scheduled, you then get regular trips from Petco to your doorstep. Need more, just order extras. You can adjust the scheduled product shipment at any time, that includes date, too. And, of course can cancel at any time.

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