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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inateck Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Inateck Bluetooth Keyboard Review
Have you ever been typing on your phone or tablet and had something a little longer than usual to type up and you didn't want to be stuck using the touchscreen keyboard offered by the device? The BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard from Inateck is just right for such situations.
Inateck Bluetooth Keyboard Review
As you can probably tell from all the blog posts here, I do quite a bit of writing, and the blog is barely half of what I write. I'm frequently out and about and have some down time where I can fill it by writing more, but there is only so long I'll bang on the screen of my phone to type something up. That's the perfect situation for the keyboard. With a keyboard, I can type 60 WPM. With a screen, its another story. I actually never timed myself there but I'm so error prone and risk all the bad autocorrect issues, I'd much rather type on a keyboard if I could. If I need to bang out an email that needs to be longer, I'll take the keyboard out and use it now versus giving a quick response and forget to send the longer response later when back at desktop/laptop. I really do like the thing and can type those lengthy SMS messages much more quickly with it.
The specs on the unit are 12.8 ounces with a size of 11.8 x 5 x 1.2 inches and Bluetooth 3.0. It comes in a classic white color. It takes two AAA batteries (not included) that go in on the back. (See picture above). Syncing to the device was simple. Just turn the keyboard on and press the neighboring connect button. Scan for it from the device, and they'll pair after you type in a six digit connect code on the keyboard. Yeah, that was weird without the screen to see what you were typing, but it is just a short sequence to pair. After that, you're all set. For instance, I went into the messaging app and after selecting a recipient just started typing to enter my message. I had to go back to the screen/device to send, but typing the message went so much more quickly having a standard size (miniature a little) QWERTY keyboard versus having to peck on the screen. I've found myself using it much more often than expected.

My one dislike of the device is there is no carrying case. It tends to get thrown around a little. If I forget to turn it off, I might see some mysterious key presses on the phone. Depending upon the app your in, this could produce some interesting results.

Overall, a great, lightweight device that you'll find yourself using more than you ever expected for sending messages, or just writing in general. Looking forward to using it more and more.

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