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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting to Know Minigols Foosball Table with Giveaway

Minigols Foosball Table Giveaway. Ends 12/1
Do you like Foosball? Minigols offers a different view of the game table. Instead of your standard players spinning around, they provide collectible players that match up with real teams. They aren't just painted with your team colors and fixed in place. Instead, first, they're interchangeable, but, more importantly, they are the actual likeness of the real players.
The names are on the bases there. The bases come off when you put the players on the field. It is an interesting take to make their foosball tables more unique, and the players are supposedly collectible. The team specific tables go for $230, while the extra team packs are $65 or $60.
What teams will you find? Minigols has licensed some national soccer teams including Mexico, Germany, Spain, and Argentina as well as the three most popular club soccer/football teams in the world with over 50 million fans each: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. They're also starting to add U.S. soccer teams, too, such as Los Angeles Galaxy and Seattle Sounders.
Want to win a table for yourself? Check it out and enter to win a Mingols Foosball Table with Customizable Soccer Teams & Players below. Giveaway starts 10/15 and runs through 12/1/14.

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