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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Win Tag Huer Watches and Louboutin Shoes with Freeway App

This is a sponsored post.
Win with the mobile Freeway App
Want to win prizes for free when playing games on your phone? The Freeway App is a rewards-based mobile gaming platform which gives away free tech gear and now fashion, too. Every day you log in to Freeway, you'll get 100 points. You then find a product you love, ask for more info, and see what you can win. You can then use your points to try to win via a scratch ticket. You'll either win the item, get a coupon, get more points, or get nothing.

To get started, you grab the app from either the AppStore or Google Play. (Links on their homepage.) You must agree to the permissions before installing. On Android, the Freeway App needs the following permission set:
  • Identity: to use one or more accounts on the device and profile data
  • Location: to access the device's location
  • Photo/Media/Files: to use files on the device. Curious to see what it ends up using here.
  • Wi-Fi Connection Information: to determine if enabled and what is connected
  • Device ID & call information: to get your phone number and if in a call, who you are connected to
I'm assuming the iOS version requires similar permission.
Freeway App Screenshot
Once installed, you sign in with your phone number. Why must you type it? The app has permission to read it itself. At least the field should be pre-filled in, or get rid of requiring the permission. They'll then send you an SMS confirmation code to confirm sign-up. From there, it is on to picking items to learn about and try to win.
Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer
Stirio Automatic Pot Stirrer
Each time you try to win an item has a cost associated with it, from 1 point for a 20% off PowerCube coupon to 5 points for something like a phone cover to 30 for obtanium wallets. Some other items available now include a Ziiro Watch and a Stirio (pictured above). Starting soon, you can also win the previously mentioned Tag Huer Watches and Louboutin Shoes, though I can't say for how many points yet. Can't tell from the picture what the item is? Start sharing via Twitter and it will tell you. The tweet is automatically filled in, with a photo. Tweet it out and you'll get 100 points. You can also share on Facebook. For that, you start with a picture and must put in all the text yourself. Consider copying the tweet text if you want. However, you only get 100 points no matter how many different places you share. Be careful of double tweeting. It won't detect if you recently already sent the tweet. You can also get points by doing tasks like watching videos, buying products, answering surveys, or signing up for offers.

Overall, I like the app. If you're waiting on line somewhere, you can try to win many times over with minimal effort. I like the tech slant of the prizes, even if they will be adding more fashion-related ones soon. I haven't won anything yet but perhaps I'm just waiting for that Tag Huer watch. I'll pass on the shoes, but I'll definitely get the 100 points for tweeting about it. Definitely worth a try.

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