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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What is Little Passports?

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I just posted about fund raising with Little Passports for school. If you're not familiar with Little Passports, I thought perhaps I should describe who they are and what they offer.

Are you familiar with monthly subscription boxes? Little Passports is another one. They provide two offerings for kids, a world and United States subscription option. Basically, your kid gets to experience countries of the world or the different states of the US, through the eyes of two characters, Sam and Sofia.

Every month your child gets a new box with a map and souvenirs of where Sam and Sofia went. The world one is for younger kids, aged 5-10, while the USA version hits the 7-12. Personally, I would have expected world to be for the older crowd, as younger kids tend to understand what is near better.

Having sent our child to a Montessori pre-school, and seeing all the references to Montessori in the Pinterest posts related to the boxes, it certainly looks like an interest subscription. Looking forward to trying it out. 

If you pre-pay for a full-year, it costs $10.95/month + $20 shipping for the year. Otherwise, you can do the month-to-month option at $11.95/month + $3 shipping. There is also a 6 month subscription option but it is cheaper to go month-to-month actually.

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