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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What a Sweepstakes Can Do For You

What a Sweepstakes Can Do For You
Do you have a small business or are you working on a startup project? A sweepstakes can put your name in the spotlight without the costs of traditional or online advertising! It's one of the greatest branding tools available. Sweepstakes can help not only “test” a marketing campaign or product idea to a new audience, but it can also boost your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever your sweepstakes is promoted.

Never has brand awareness been more important than it is now. Daniel Burstein explains at the Marketingsherpa blog that sweepstakes offer multi-layered benefits for the businesses that offer them. Imagine you work-from-home and need more clients. What better way to find new clientele than to run a sweepstakes for “Win 1 Free Hour of Work!” Or if you sell handcrafted goods, let’s say custom T-shirts, imagine a sweepstakes “Win A Free T Shirt!” and getting 100,000s of impressions on your brand, plus 1000s of email signups for your company, just for the cost of 1 t-shirt!

Sweepstakes gets your company name out there, which can help with lead generation, and product or service awareness. Plus, when the sweepstakes winners get public recognition as the “lucky winners”, you can bet that has a positive effect on your brand’s loyalty. And in some cases, sweepstakes can gain the company attention in the media! The sweepstakes network of websites can help promote your brand’s sweepstakes to exponentially more people, getting additional PR releases, social media traffic and inbound sales traffic for your brand!

A tempting sight for just about anyone.

BUT… Running a Sweepstakes is Harder Than it Looks
Pulling off a polished, well-run sweepstakes is a lot different from selling raffle tickets. “Win a Free T Shirt” sounds easy right? But promoting your sweepstakes is a huge consideration. Will you decide to buy advertising space, make a push on social media, send emails? Even the art and writing involved with advertising takes time and resources. Your main objective is likely to sell more of your product or service, not become an email master!

Additionally, before you get to the creative side, there are legalities to consider. These laws often vary by state and some attorney generals have even targeted big sweepstakes websites known for their Win For Life campaigns.

In Burnstein's blog post, he explains that creating the legal rules of the sweepstakes is a job on its own. Businesses have to choose not only the prize or prizes that will be awarded, but also lay out in clear language how to enter, and how winners are selected. Have you ever read the “Official Rules” of a giveaway? It’s pages of legal jargon and costs an arm and a leg for a lawyer to properly review!

Technology is another consideration. Will the public have the option of entering the sweepstakes through social media, a mobile app, through email, or by a link at a website or blog? Do you have development resources?

This is where PrizeGrab's services shine. is a free-to-enter sweepstakes site with 100,000s of unique visitors every day. PrizeGrab offers any prize you can imagine - gift cards, TVs, t-shirts, electronics, beauty products, you name it! It is a 100% legitimate sweepstakes site and they fulfill all of their prizes as offered. Prizegrab has winners guaranteed every day and members never need to purchase anything to win!

PrizeGrab allows any business - however small or big you are - to offer your product to be won by Prizegrab members. That’s right, you get your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country!

PrizeGrab allows you to market to your heart's desire and takes care of the sweepstakes platform as well as the legal terms and conditions. Your only requirement is that you have to have an awesome product or service!

When PrizeGrab Selects Your Business, You're the Biggest Winner of All

PrizeGrab takes away all of the guesswork, and lets you get on with the business of promoting your sweepstakes. If your business is selected, PrizeGrab will:
  • Share your brand/product via email with about 200,000 permission-based opted-in users
  • Guide you through the process and help your brand or service get more exposure
  • Take care of all the legalities
  • Share your brand on all of their social media platforms
  • Not charge you for any of it
  • Promote your product in a boosted post on their Facebook page of over 45,000 users
If you're interested in what PrizeGrab can do for you, you'll need to apply on PrizeGrab’s Sweepstakes entry form. Not every business is selected, and PrizeGrab only chooses 1-2 products and services monthly so your product can remain exclusive.

PrizeGrab is a fun and easy, turnkey solution for sweepstakes. They take care of the hard part, so you can reap the benefits. PrizeGrab handles sweepstakes for selected brands and services, but any business can apply. When businesses run a sweepstakes, both sides win: The company, and the lucky one who gets the prize. If your business is selected, they will send you information on what they need from you before getting your business set up. After approval, we'll send you all of the rules and regulations by email.

PrizeGrab makes sweepstakes easier for businesses, and fun for the people who enter. It's a win-win situation. Apply now, and you could be on your way to a great way to build your brand and gain some happy customers along the way.

Here are some of PrizeGrab’s previous winners:
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