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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PopScope Smartphone Tripod Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
PopScope Smartphone Tripod Review
Coming to a Kickstarter campaign near you is the PopScope Smartphone Tripod. Do you like to take selfies and your arm just isn't long enough to get the right angle or all the people of your party in the picture? The PopScope is both a selfie pole for extending the reach of your arm and a tripod for setting up your phone on a fixed platform. Just clamp the phone into the device, making sure the fastener is in the rear, and you're all set to take a picture. The one thing you must find for yourself is a photo timer app. At least for the built in Android camera app, a timer isn't included, and none are recommended by PopScope.

I received a prototype for review to help generate some buzz for the campaign that is launching on August 21st. The device will retail for $44.99 but will be less if you contribute to the campaign. What you'll find is a handy little device to help you get better pictures.
PopScope Smartphone Tripod
The unit itself measures just 6 1/2" when collapsed down and reaches a full 21" when extended. You can either use the extension to get a better angle or for including a larger group in the picture. Not only does the pole allow you provide a longer reach, but you can also angle the camera phone on the end to do things you can't do by just reaching further. Stuck in the middle of a crowd, it also works for getting those unobstructed shots from above the crowd.
The PopScope is a cool little device. It is pretty easy to attach to the phone. I never could get the angle right when taking pictures before. Part of that was just adding a timer to the camera so I didn't have to click to take a picture. I'm looking forward to using the tripod more. Just to take a video and not have to hold the camera still in my hand. Even with a monopod, you have to hold the camera steady. With the tripod you don't. Just set it up and you're good.

Are you into the selfie craze? Check out the new Infographic that seems to be floating around of late... Selfie Boom: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

PopScope the company will be looking to raise some funds to get the product to the finish line. If you like what you see and are interested in getting one for yourself, consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, once it starts. Not familiar with Kickstarter? It is a way for you and I to help people bring their projects to life. (Kickstarter Basics: Kickstarter 101)

I wish them luck in hitting whatever goal they set. Price point seems about right if you're looking for that selfie pole. With PopScope, you get the added tripod, too.

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