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Friday, August 8, 2014

Custom Handmade Bobbleheads from 1MiniMe

Brought to you by the folks at 1Minime

Have you ever wanted to be your own bobblehead or give one as a gift? The folks over at 1Minime have hundreds of different models of bobbleheads available starting at $59.90. The most popular ones though are their custom bobbleheads. Submit your photo, confirm the proofs look good, and they'll send you a 100% handmade resin statue that looks just like you, or whoever's photo you submitted. They're great for gifts, too.

The process of creating a custom bobblehead is actually quite simple, for the buyer at least. Since they are handmade, the other end does the hard stuff. The most difficult part is picking which body to use. For some buyers I can imagine this being an easy step, like if they want a guitar player or kickboxer. Even something as simple as a soccer player has like ten choices.

Going the customized route, the process isn’t just submit photos and you’re done. They walk you through the process to make sure each step is approved before they continue on (via web forms). The key times are when the molding is done and when the painting is completed so you want to make sure everything looks good at those steps. Once done, they ship the bobblehead to you and you’re good.

bobblehead wedding topper

The custom process is just that and I like it. What I like more is some of the other options they have. The wedding toppers look really cool, if you’re at that point in your life. They offer group bobbleheads where you can do the whole family. The one thing I can’t imagine ever doing is the mass production. Maybe it is just me but why would anyone want other people to have them as a bobblehead? The ultimate in custom wedding favors? Not only bride and groom on top of the cake but giving to the guests to take home with them? The boss at the office maybe giving out bobbleheads of himself? Okay, one thing they do offer that I might see mass producing is their USB thumb drive or bottle opener, but that still seems odd with someone’s face at the top, and it not being Yoda or some Star Wars character.

The starting price at $59.90 each isn't that high. Depending upon the accessories you get with it, there is almost no upper limit. Want to be a Ninja fighter its only $69,90. Go for that biker babe look and you’re looking at $134.90. There are plenty of options in between, and they do price match if you find it online cheaper. Be sure to check them out for that special Christmas gift or if that wedding is near.

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