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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2 adidas Graphic & Ultimate Tees for $30

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2 adidas Graphic & Ultimate Tees for $30

Going Back to Campus? Get Two adidas Tees (Ultimate and Graphic) for $30
New textbooks, dining hall card, cases of ramen noodles… going back to college can definitely drain your wallet, so make sure you get in on this deal from adidas. For a limited time, you can grab 2 adidas Graphic & Ultimate Tees for $30! Ultimate Tees feature moisture wicking fabric that makes them perfect for workouts or just layering under clothes for those freezing treks across the quad this winter. adidas Graphic Tees come in styles for both men and women, and bring a bit of old school iconic adidas into your wardrobe. Be sure to hit this sale, save some money and toss some style into that duffel—use promo code: 2TEES at checkout.

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  1. Just what I need Adidas Tees with great quality and pick up and go when getting to gym class or badminton practice I have Adidas shoes and these would mix and match plus with great wicking properties and being able to wear under a tracksuit and just throw in the washer so they are able to wear straight out of the dryer or off the line. Thanks for such a cool giveaway.