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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Headset Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Headset Review
It feels like my wife and I are constantly looking for better headsets. Her on her treadmill, she looks for something she can work out with. For me, it is typically something I can either wear at work or while writing or working around the house. We've tried many options, either that we purchased or got to review for the blog. The Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Headset is the latest one we're trying.

The basics of the headset are a lightweight, Bluetooth headphone that sits on the ear, instead of within it. The whole thing weighs in at a whopping .25 lbs, or about 4 ounces. It runs under Bluetooth 4.0, has a battery that lasts upwards of 15 hours, and a range of up to 30 feet.

Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Headset Review
To get started with the headset, you need to get into pairing mode. This was my most awkward usage of the device. Powering on and off the device requires you to press the multifunction button (button with square in picture above) for 5 seconds. Pairing requires you to press the button for 8 seconds. So when you pair, it cycles through a power on/off once before it allows you to pair. Not really a big deal but after reading the instructions, was a little confused. Once paired and connected, you can use it to play your music / listen to the audio from the connected device.

I paired the headset to both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Macintosh laptop. The Galaxy was the easier of the two but the issues with the Mac were on the Mac side, not the headset. Once paired, you can play your music/audio through the headset. The initial playing of some music from Spotify when initially connected was awkward, as it kept skipping bits of the audio track. Once the device was connected, that no longer became a problem. Audio came across very cleanly, and, unlike earbuds, the over the ear design allows you to pickup on some background noises, like if someone is trying to get your attention because the music is too loud. They also stayed on well while working out, dealing with all the bouncing up and down with no troubles.

Folded Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Headset
One of my favorite features of the headset, besides its weight, is that they fold up. This makes transport so much easier as they don't take up anywhere near the space of a full sized pair without the feature. I'm seeing more of these folding varieties coming out of late, but these can easily be packed into a carryon to go through the airport with.

It is hard not to like the unit for the quality of sound and current price of just $35.99 at Amazon. Apart from the slight issues with the pairing instructions I had, everything ran smoothly with little to no troubles. Now all I have to do is make sure I don't blast the music too loud.


  1. This would be perfect for my daughter.

  2. I like that they fold up too. This would make a great gift for my daughter who is always looking for a good pair of headphone.

  3. I like that you can pair them up with your other devices and play your music/audio through the headset.It's a bonus that they fold up too.