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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

EpoxyShield Garage Floor Project, Part 6

EpoxyShield Garage Floor Project, Part 6
After letting the floor dry some more, we decided it needed a second coat. The important section from the instructions:
EPOXYSHIELD® CoverageEach EPOXYSHIELD® kit contains enough surface treatment to cover approximately 250 square feet of smooth, bare concrete (a normal 1 car concrete garage floor). Very rough or porous concrete may require more material. Expect coverage of 125-200 square feet on those surfaces. 
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From the looks of things, some parts of the concrete floor are more porous than other parts. Some dried fine and the rest was still wet.

I called Rustoleum's support number at 1-888-NUFLOOR (683-5667). After searching the web, I couldn't find the right time period for when a second coat could be put on. Of course, I first called during their lunch period when the line was shutdown for an hour. After getting a hold of an operator, on the short end, it was like at least 6 hours after the first coat, which had already long ago past. On the long end, it was within 48 hours. So, after work it was off to Home Depot to pickup two more kits at $70 each.

And, I spent the night putting on another coat. Let's hope this does it.


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