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Friday, July 4, 2014

EpoxyShield Garage Floor Project Part 3

EpoxyShield Garage Floor Project
Part 3 of my DIY project to paint the garage floor. This started with Day 1 where I emptied the garage and degreased half of the floor. Day 2 had me degreasing the other half and starting the concrete patching. I've now finished the rest of the patching. I needed to buy one additional piece of equipment a wire brush for $5. I thought I had one but apparently not.

Concrete Filler on Garage Floor
I've spent the past couple of nights and part of today patching the rest of the concrete floors. Above is the completed picture. There is a small crack or two left under the garage door but I don't dare open them as it is pouring outside and I don't want all the dust to get kicked up and stick to what I just patched. I needed the brush to help today to rid the dust around where I was patching.

If you recall from the last article, I had to mix bits of two container together in a 2-to-1 ratio to create the filler. And, you then have 20-30 minutes to use it. Big tip here, don't mix too much. When you first mix the two, it is really loose. By the end of 30 minutes, it isn't. I definitely went beyond 30 minutes and you can tell when applying. Use a timer so you know how much time you have left.

I ended up mixing 3 batches beyond my initial test section. When I mixed the test batch, I used the scraper to get material out of both containers, cleaning off in between. Don't do that. It is too risky to mix the two together in their containers, ruining the rest of the container. What worked best was grabbing a couple of plastic spoons and using them. I may not have been perfect with the 2-to-1 ratio but a heaping spoonful is easier to tell then what fits on the side of a scraper.
Filling concrete cracks in garage
Applying the filler was actually pretty easy. My son helped and he did a decent job. Just make sure you get the filler in the crack and then smooth it out. Make sure you have enough lighting available in the garage. Another tip, don't wear shorts doing the project. Your knees will get very dirty.

Overall, there was over 100 feet of cracks we filled. I think I read on the box it fills 14 linear feet. The filler went further for us because the cracks weren't too deep or wide. We still have a little less than a third of each container left. And, I did remember to go back over the 100 feet a second time after about an hour or so. Less than one batch needed for that second pass.

Tomorrow should be the last day. With the rain storm today, the temperature should be down a little tomorrow. So, I'll finally be able to paint. I'm hoping that step is easier than the rest. The prep work for the actually painting is way more than I was expecting.


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