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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wusic Portable Power Bank Review and Giveaway

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Wusic Portable Power Bank Review and Giveaway. Ends 7/8
Do you frequently run out of power on your phone / music device during a long day of usage? With my son playing games on my phone, it gets drained pretty quickly sometimes. Thanks to Tomoson, I got to try out another portable power bank. This one is from Wusic. Yes, music with the M flipped upside-down. The company's first product was a shower speaker.

If you're not familiar with portable power banks, you charge the power bank by plugging it in. Then, you take it with you when you plan on being away from a plug for an extended period. Once the battery in your phone, music device, tablet is drained, you plug the device into the power bank. It recharges, then you use it some more, and repeat as necessary until the power bank is drained. At which point, once you run out of power on the device again, you must find a plug and charge both.

Wusic Portable Power Bank Review and Giveaway
With portable power banks, there are a handful of numbers which are important. Number one is weight. Since you are carrying this around in addition to the device, you don't want something too heavy. This one weighs in at 181 grams or about 6.4 ounces, light compared to some other ones of comparable power. The second one is mAh or milliAmp hours. It is a measurement of how much power it holds or more specifically how much it can charge. The higher the number, the more it can charge. The Wusic device is rated for 7,800 mAh. An iPhone 5 is rated at using 1,440 mAh so 7,800 / 1,440 gives you five charges. A Samsung Galaxy S5 is rated at 2,800 mAh, meaning the battery doesn't give you three full charges. An iPad mini is 4,440 mAh so you won't even get two full recharges there.
Wusic Portable Power Bank Review and Giveaway
Two more numbers are important, ports and price. Due to size constraints, some chargers come with only one port. The Wusic one comes with two. One is rated at 2.1A, the other at 1.0A output. This means you can charge a tablet with one port and a phone with the other (or two phones, but not two tablets). The regular price at Amazon is $29.99. A great price point compared to many others out there. As the picture above shows, it also comes in five colors. Well, four. I don't know why you can't buy yellow, as it is shown in many of their pictures.
I played with it considerably for a few weeks to put it through its paces, basically charging my phone from it instead of the wall when it ran out, and then plugging the Wusic in to charge it when necessary. It functioned as expected. The device won't overcharge the phone once fully charged, which is nice, though most modern mobiles won't do that already. My one complaint is it did not come with a wall plug, only the micro USB cable, and a short one at that. So, you either have to buy the adapter extra, not from Wusic, plug it into your laptop, or use another one you have on hand. I did the latter. At just $29.99, that is one way to keep the price down. It comes with four lights to indicate remaining charge level and even has a flashlight if for some reason you need that. It worked but I couldn't think of a reason to use that. Maybe during a power outage. That's one flashlight you'll never need batteries for. Overall, a great lightweight portable battery with a respectable number of mAh. There are larger ones out there but they'll cost more and/or weigh more.

Now, here's your chance to win one. You have until 11:59 pm EDT on 7/8/14 to enter. Restricted to US residents who are 18+ at time of entry. Void were prohibited.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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