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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Angry Bird Cut Outs

Angry Birds Cut Outs
My son is big into Angry Birds. He started with Angry Birds Go, the racing game, instead of the more familiar slingshot versions. Lately, we've been making our own birds. Various sites around the net have cutouts that we've been making. He does the cutting, I do the taping, then we have our own 3D collection of birds.

Blue Bird Angry Bird Cut Out
After printing and cutting, it looks something like this. After taping, you get the blue bird in the first picture.

One place that offers the printables for the cut-outs is Little Plastic Man. He makes six birds available for download. If six isn't enough, search on Google for more printables.

Great little craft project to do with the kiddies. They'll love because they may know the characters already.


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