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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kol Foods Rack of Lamb

Kol Foods Rack of Lamb
So, I recently won a rack of lamb from Kol Foods in a giveaway on another blog. We love lamb in our house. I finally got around to cooking them today. First, I had to french them myself, something I had never done before. If you ever wonder why a frenched rack costs so much... that's quite a bit of labor involved there. I'm sure a butcher can do it quicker, but still... Thankfully, I still have my ten fingers after taking care of that.

I decided to cook the racks on our grill. I found an easy recipe over at Lobel's for Simple Grilled Rack of Lamb. Just rub some olive oil over the meat with some rosemary and pepper, and off you go. Key thing when you plan on cooking on the grill... make sure you have enough gas. Big oops there. It stopped going in about a minute or two.

Play the switcheroo and get the oven started. I've done a rack in the oven before so I just had to make sure I had the temperature right. Simply Recipes has their Classic Rack of Lamb at 400 degrees, while All Recipes has their Roasted Rack of Lamb at 450 degrees. The key thing I learned about doing a rack in the oven is you must cover the frenched bones with foil. Just the ends, not the meat part. Then check the temp every so often. 130-140-ish for medium rare.

In the end, the meat turned out great. I even remembered to let it rest before cutting into it when it was finally at temp. Our instant read thermometer helped out there, though my butchery skills separating each chop from the rack was atrocious. Great taste. Loved the grass fed lamb. Next time, though, I really should have checked the gas before getting started.