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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Giveaway Ending Times

Java John Z's
Just a quick note about giveaway ending times. I host my own giveaways here. I also cross promote giveaways for other hosts. For the giveaways that are sourced from this blog, their ending times are always 11:59 pm ET, unless for some reason the sponsor desires a different time. Ending times for giveaways hosted by other bloggers vary. I have no control over them. I only do my best to report them accurately.

Many giveaway ending times are at midnight. When a giveaway ends at midnight, in the text at the beginning of the announcement for the giveaway, I'll usually say that the giveaway ends the day before. If something ends at midnight, you really only have until the end of the prior day to enter, hence the difference. Technically, it ends the next day but you can't enter the next day. If you notice the difference, don't be alarmed.

The other thing to watch out for is time zone. Not all bloggers are east coast based and prefer to end giveaways at 11:59 pm or 12:00 am in their local time zone. Whenever possible, I do my best to highlight when this happens. 

The Giveaway Tools form shows the exact ending time of a giveaway (and start time if it hasn't started yet). The Rafflecopter form gives you only a rough # of hours until the giveaway ends. If you notice a discrepancy between the text and the form, please bring that to the attention of the giveaway host (or myself). That is  an error in one or the other.

Have fun and good luck.


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