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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healthy Smiles Blogger Opp

Another blogger opportunity to sign up for if you're interested. Definitely a product that all your readers could use. Giveaway starts on 1/30. Free Twitter, Pinterest, or Bloglovin link to help promote.
Sign up for the Healthy Smiles Blogger Opp, Giveaway starts 1/30.

Sign ups are open for this new giveaway event
Hosted by: 3SonsHaveI
Sponsored Prize: Oral-B

  1. Put this announcement post on your Blog inviting others to join this event (HTML HERE). $5 Paypal if you wish to participate and NOT put this announcement post on your Blog
  2. Make sure erinnsluka@gmail(dot)com is added to your email contacts so you do not miss communications
  3. HTML will be sent 1-2 days before the Giveaway starts on 1/30
  4. Promote often-we all benefit from the traffic so sharing is important to us all!
  • You get 1 Link free (Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin/)
  • Additional links $2 each (Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin/Facebook/Subscribe)
  • Comment Links $5 (May choose 1 post or a comment on anything option-1 per Blog)
  • Host $10 (You get 4 links total + comment link)
  • Co-host $20 (You get 4 links + Blog link mention in html + a Host page from Rafflecopter)
To sign up: Go HERE!


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