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Saturday, September 14, 2013

$200 Target Gift Card Blogger Opp

Here's a blogger opportunity where the prize is a gift card to one of my favorite stores, Target. The giveaway runs 10/14-11/4 and you get a free Twitter or Pinterest link when you sign up and post the announcement. Do please come back if you are interested in winning.
$200 Target Gift Card Blogger Opp, Runs 10/14-11/4
Christmas is almost here!!

We are giving away

Target $200 Gift Card

KRE-O CityVille Invasion Marina Madness Review

I've been a BzzAgent for like forever. If you're not familiar with them, they are a word-of-mouth marketing company. You sign up for a campaign, they send you the product, and then you tell the world about it. Their latest campaign I signed up for is for the Marina Madness set from the KRE-O CityVille Invasion collection.

If you aren't familiar with KRE-O, they're in the same market as LEGO, but KRE-O offers sonic motion technology. In other words, the bricks move. We're not talking LEGO Mindstorms here. There is a battery-operated controller brick if you want to call it that. When on, the base brick emits sound waves, causing movement from the bricks that aren't connected / bolted down. Cool technology, but can be a little loud.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Autumn Giveaway Hop Secret Word Page

Free Marlin Magazine Subscription

Marlin Magazine
Not sure what's going on with all the emails I'm getting for free magazine subscriptions, but if you or your spouse is into fishing... here is another free magazine subscription you can get. 

Marlin covers the sport of international offshore sport fishing. Get boat and equipment reviews, coverage of international fishing destinations, technical and how-to features and much more with your complimentary one-year subscription.

Have You Signed Up for the Freeze Dried Delight Blogger Opp Yet?

Have you signed up for the Freeze Dried Delight blogger opportunity yet? You have until 9/17 to sign up. Expect this to be big in the prepper community. The review should go up this weekend I hope. The prize is some freeze dried food that lasts for 25 years. 4 containers worth.
A Lucky Ladybug
Harvester Farms 4 pack of Freeze-Dried Veggies and Fruit / Emergency Food Storage
Brothers All Natural
ARV $68
Hosted by:
Java John Z's
Sign-ups close 9/17
**The blogger with the most referrals will receive the additional links at no cost
Click HERE to sign up and for more html info.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Purex Step into Fall Sweepstakes

Win $1,000 from Purex
Here's a pointer to the latest $1,000 giveaway from the kind folks over at Purex. Enter before 5 pm PDT on October 11th. Not only does the winner get the cash but... they also get a year's supply of Purex laundry detergent.

Citrus Zinger Giveaway

Here's a giveaway for a really interesting water bottle. Flavor your water with freshly squeezed citrus. Check it out and enter to win before September 26th. Good luck.

Sponsored by Zing Anything

Hosted by 


Co-hosted by

Simply Sherryl and Barbara's Beat

One lucky winner will win

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Aspects to Consider When Searching for Web Hosting

Hard Drive Bays by Petr Kratochvil

This week's guest post comes for those looking for cloud hosting options.

The more that smart phones enter the hands of every individual, the more important it is for your business, regardless of its size, to have a presence on the Internet. Without it, current and potential customers will go elsewhere. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that every small business needs to purchase their own server and hire an IT person to manage it. Many companies offer a wide variety of web hosting services. For example, you can get Sparknode cloud VPS server hosting if that meets your requirements.

But what do you need in a hosting company? Before you can answer that question, you need to decide what you need in a website. Following are three questions that can start you thinking about your website needs:
  • What type of website do you need to run for your business? 
  • What security aspects are important for your website? 
  • How much control do you want to have over your website?

Point Fest Concert Flash Giveaway (Ohio)

I always hear how great Cedar Point Amusement Park is. I've never been. If you're from the area, you probably already know its been named "Best Amusement Park in the World" for many consecutive years now. Here's a chance to win tickets for this weekend's concert. Yes, the giveaway ends Friday the 13th at 11:59pm. Good luck and please share if you know of more local sites whose readers might be interested. Ohio is #7 on our visitor state so hopefully some readers will be interested and be able to go.

Win Tickets to Point Fest

PointFest On Sale Now!
ENTER to win tickets to the PointFest concert!  

Red Lobster Endless Shrimp T-Shirt Giveaway

I Love Endless Shrimp T-shirt
Enter before 5pm EDT on 9/23 for a chance to win a t-shirt from Red Lobster. This is one event I miss now that I don't live in an area with a Red Lobster. They are giving away 300.

Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway and Free eBook

The KiteReaders' Kid Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway is an interesting one. Not only are you entering to win several kid friendly prizes for your tablet but you get a free ebook just for entering. The giveaway runs until 10/6/13 11:59pm PST. Yes, Pacific time, not Eastern. Good luck.
Enter the Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway and get a free eBook. Ends 10/6
Hosted By: KiteReaders

Co-Hosted By:  Java John Z's

Sponsored By: KiteReaders

KiteReaders is thrilled to host and sponsor a Tablet Accessories Giveaway! They have an amazing selection of some of the most popular kid-friendly accessories available for your tablets out in the market today! We all know how difficult it can be to maintain your tablet when you have a young child who always wants to use it. Whether you want to protect your tablet with a kid-friendly case, use a handy stylus instead of your fingers to touch the screen, or simply accessorize your tablet with some awesome headphones, we've got you covered!

KiteReaders is a multi-award winning digital publisher of children’s books. With over 100 titles and 30 best sellers across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, KiteReaders aims to provide quality content for children and their families and increase literacy around the world. Visit KiteReaders at and like them on Facebook at!

September Pinterest #1

Oh My Gosh Beck!
The Mommyhood Mentor®
Mama's Mission
Surviving Mommy
Crayons & Cravings
Coupons and Freebies Mom
Jenns Blah Blah Blog

Thomas & Friends: Animals Aboard on DVD

Thomas & Friends: Animals Aboard
Age-wise, we've outgrown Thomas & Friends. With that said, my son is still a big fan, especially after seeing King of the Railway: The Movie. Look for a review of that shortly. In the meantime, don't miss the King of the Railway giveaway. Of course, that isn't what this posting is about. 

Starting yesterday (September 10th), Thomas & Friends: Animals Aboard! is available on DVD, only at Target. If you wait until October 8th, it will also be available for digital download and video on demand, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. It’s full steam ahead for Thomas, Percy, Henry and the engines as they learn lessons about being kind to animals, doing good deeds and helping friends of all shapes and sizes!

Kohl's Gift Card Rescue Giveaway

Do you shop at Kohl's? If you don't, would you if you won a $50 gift card? Well, thanks to the sponsor Gift Card Rescue, here's that chance, assuming you are US-based. You have until 12am on October 2nd to enter to win. Good luck.
Gift Card Rescue 
End Of Summer Giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Brings you the Gift Card Rescue Review and Giveaway

1 - Winner will  receive a $50  Kohl's Gift Card

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pump Up the Power Giveaway

I love all the portable speaker systems I'm seeing lately. I find them all very interesting. Good luck finding one that you like. Here's a chance to win one instead of buying one. The giveaway runs until 9/25 and is US only. Come back daily to enter to win.
Enter to win a Tego Cera Portable Speaker and Power Grid. Ends 9/25
Tego Cera Portable Speaker
Tego Power Grid
(A.L.L. Review)
ARV $150 Total
Hosted by:

5 Secrets to Smartphone Savings

Young couple with smartphones. Use with permission from Kinoli, Inc.
With all the hype around Apple's iPhone announcements, we have a guest post today from Andrea Woroch. She has some great tips before you plunk down some big bucks. She helps consumers live on less without radically changing their lifestyles. Her full bio is at article end. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook for daily savings tips & shopping strategies.

Apple geeks everywhere rejoice; your Christmas morning is coming Sept. 20 when shipments of the new iPhone 5S and 5C models are expected to hit stores. If waiting even ten days seems like torture, you can get giddy online with the unveiling of Apple's fresh designs released today at their California headquarters.

As with any new technology, getting your iPhone upgrade on day one will come with a considerable price tag. Even the widely speculated "cheap iPhone" 5C model may surprisingly cost you more than you bargained for. If you're in need of a new smartphone, here are a few suggestions to help reduce the cost.

1. Talk to Your Provider

Wireless providers have as much incentive as anyone to see sales records from the new iPhone launch. To entice their customers, they'll offer up promotions like zero down or extra rebates so you buy right now. Before you pay any price for the latest iPhone, have a chat with your provider and see what extras they're offering.

Free Motorcyclist Magazine Subscription

Motorcyclist Magazine Cover
Every issue features new vehicle test evaluations, new products, hands-on technical how-tos, driving tips, and a calendar of off-road racing events. Sign up to get your complimentary one-year subscription to Motorcyclist Magazine.

Disney Pins Giveaway

Apart from the costume horns, it has been some time since I found something on the more unique side in a group giveaway. Here is one of those giveaways where the prize is a set of 9 Disney pins from the 2013 Hidden Mickey Collection. April over at Pixie Dust Savings is hosting the giveaway. Below is her review of the company Disney Pins $1.15 and up.
Enter the Disney Pins Giveaway. Ends 9/23
Disney pin trading is a very fun hobby to have. April learned about pin trading a couple years ago and has been hooked ever since. It is super fun and great for all ages! Pin trading doesn’t have to happen just in the parks though, there are a lot of groups on Facebook and other places online where people trade pins. Thousands of pins exist and finding the ones you love is part of the thrill of the chase. Since Disney is a vast enterprise, so are the pins. Pins are available for every type of person, character, movie, and time period. April personally loves to collect princess pins, Tinkerbell pins, and Star Wars. Her husband tends to collect Star Wars, villains, and fun ones like the Florida Sunbird ones. During each event or holiday a new pin or pins is released.

Chevrolet Traverse Challenge/Contest

Enter for a chance to win a 2014 Chevrolet Traverse
When I first saw the Chevy Traverse, I thought minivan, but it is considered a crossover. Looking to get out of that minivan or want something more economical than an SUV? The folks over at Armour Meats have a CONTEST where you can win one. Yes, contest. You have to guess how many of their BreakfastMakers fit in the vehicle. The entry period runs through the end of October and you get only one entry so make your guess good. Lower 48 states only (and DC).

Angry Birds Available on Your PC!

Angry Birds
Did you know Angry Birds is available for the PC? Download it now for free.

Britax Pioneer 70 Car Seat Giveaway

We're beyond car seat days ourselves, though still use a booster. Here's to hoping my readers can use one as they aren't cheap and they are certainly necessary. The giveaway runs until 9/30. Good luck. We're big fans of Britax. The biggest thing I learned about car seats is they basically have an expiration date and you can't really pass them from kid to kid. Safety standards change over time, things wear out, and you really should have/get the latest for your child to be safe.
Enter to win a Britax Pioneer 70. Ends 9/30
Thanks to Britax for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway and our host, Everything Mommyhood, as well as our fabulous co-hosts, Green Grandma, Mew Review, Military Wives Saving, Spit Up is the New Black, Faith Filled Footsteps, Downshifting PRO, and Coupon Spice, and a handful of other bloggers for helping promote.

Classic Toys BOGO Sale at Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Classic Toys

Have you seen the latest sale over at Melissa and Doug's yet? Their entire classic toys line is Buy One Get One (BOGO) at 50% off. Use code CLASSICBOGO. Offer expires 9/16/13.

Let's Give Sports a Chance Giveaway

In the market for some sporting goods for the fall? This giveaway is for you, provided you are in the continental US. One big winner and three smaller ones, so don't miss out. You have until 12 am on September 30th to enter. Good luck.
Enter to win the Let's Give Sports a Chance Giveaway. Ends 9/30

Along With

Proudly Bring You

"Let's Lend A Helping Hand"

We all know in today's economy that Sport's seems to be one of the

first thing that is cut in our School's budgets, or the price for equipment is
out of reach for most families. Not only in School, our Children don't have
the means to to play sport's on their own after school any more due to the
lack of equipment. Well due to the tremendous generosity of some amazing
sponsors in  this giveaway we will hopefully put a few smiles on those Children
as the sound of a bat cracking against a incoming baseball, the swoosh of  a new
basketball falling through a hoop or the catch of a perfectly thrown football to them
down field.will once again be possible.

If you have a child that could use help in obtaining sporting equipment in this years

games or just want to see them off the streets and enjoying themselves with friends
playing catch, basketball, football or which ever than this is a giveaway for you to
enter. Even if your not a parent and know a deserving child, then enter in hopes you
can when one of these amazing prizes for them. Also, as a treat to our lucky parent,
Bulu Box is giving them a $50 Gift Card (5-Month Subscription) to their amazing
monthly box subscription of Vitamins and other Health Products.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Knaggs Guitar Giveaway

Enter to win a Knaggs Chesapeake Series Severn T1 Trem' Guitar, Ends 9/30.
I don't play myself but my son is eager to get lessons. They won't teach him until he's seven though. Here's a chance to win a great looking guitar. It is worth $7,300 and they'll pick a winner on September 30th. 16+, open worldwide.

Trail Camera Instagram Entries Page #1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trail Camera Twitter Entries Page #3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trail Camera Facebook Entries Page #2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Game Camera CoHost Page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Southern Pleasures and Kitchen Treasures Giveaway

Here we have an interesting giveaway with not one but twelve different winners and the number of different prizes is quite large. Be sure to check out all the prizes and their sponsors then scroll way down to the bottom to enter to win. Continental US only. You have until 12 am on September 30th to enter.

 Along With

Central Bargains and Giveaways, Saving Money Can Be Fun, Bargain Bandit,
Mommies with Cents, Craft Cravings, Confessions of A Mommy of 5,
Debbie Does Coupons, What's Up? Reviews and Giveaways
Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More, Irish Italian Blessings,
The Blegen Bunch, Single Mommies, Heart of a Philanthropist,
Whole Lotta Mama, Simply Sherryl, Ice Fairy's Treasure Chest,, Bargain Bandit, Life With My Two Kids,

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is proud to bring you a giveaway

that will highlight products from the Southern United States along with
products that will spice up your Kitchen. A great group of sponsors have
come together to make this a prize package that anyone would love to win.
So instead of making you read a page long of post let's get to it. Ladies and
Gentlemen, I bring you:

Southern Pleasures & Kitchen Treasures Giveaway

3 - Winners

Grand Prize Package 

1- Pie & Cake Basket w/Rack
$25 Crakcer Barrel Gift Card
1 - Life Juice Machine
5- Piece Ergo Chef Kitchen Knife Set
7 CD Country Music Top Artist Set
Echodeisgn 16 Piece 4 Setting Dinnerware
2 - Boxes of Country Bob's BBQ Gift Boxes
1 Tea Box
40oz Large Virgina Peanuts
1 - Taste of Florida Gift Basket

 Second Place Prize Package 

1 - Autographed Sarah Evans CD
1- Jason Aldean Country Music CD
1- Tea Box

Third Place Prize Package

1 - Jason Aldean Country Music CD
1- Tea Box

9 - Runner-Ups

1 - Tea Box Each

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Magic Bullet Blogger Opp

The kitchenalia giveaways always seem to be popular. Sign up yourself and get a free Twitter link. You don't even need to post the announcement unless you want to go for the referral rewards. If you sign up, please tell them Java John Z's sent you. If you want to win the Magic Bullet, come back after September 20th to enter to win.

Savory Savings is hosting this Blogger Opp for Magic Bullet Set (ARV $68)!

Magic bullet blogger opp
Sign up below!
This event is FREE to join!  No announcement post required!  If you would like to do an announcement for a chance at the referral bonus, please grab the HTML here.
Giveaway follows all Facebook and Pinterest giveaway rules – so no worries on that.
  • Free Twitter link
  • Additional links $1.00 each - FB, Pinterest, Feedburner, RSS, just NO Google+
  • Co-host page includes backlink and 3 total links (Twitter + 2 more) for just $5.00
  • Secret word page for $3.00
  • Get both a co-host and secret word page for $7!!

flattenme Personalized Water Bottle Giveaway

Enter for a chance to personalize a water bottle from flattenme. Ends 9/30
Here we have a giveaway of one $24.95 personalized water bottle from the folks over at flattenme. Enter below for your chance to win. Before entering, be sure to read the review of the flattenme water bottle.

flattenme Personalized Water Bottle Review

flattenme Logo
The personalized book thing seems like it is everywhere these days. I still like it, especially as someone is just learning to read. The new reader's excitement as they see their name in the story is unbeatable the first time they see it. The printers/publishers are branching out into new products to see what else they can personalize. Thanks to the folks over at flattenme, I had the chance to try out their personalized water bottles. You provide the picture and they will superimpose the head of your child on a superhero, ballerina, or astronaut, among several other characters, too. Your kid then gets a water bottle that will never be mistaken as someone else's.