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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zeny® 5-1 Cavitation Machine Giveaway Secret Word Page

Orkin Home Education Kit Giveaway

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. Half the time my son loves them, the other half he is still afraid of them. Meanwhile, my father-in-law loves to bring rubber bugs to restaurants to scare the waitress. Here's a fun giveaway to win a bug finding flashlight and some rubber bugs of your very own. Win and be your own Orkin man.

Is your home at risk?

The best way to protect your home is education. How much do you know about household pests? They don’t have a place in your home, but pests do have a place in the world. From science and forensics to art and culture, pests play an important role.

Take the Pest Test Quiz to find out how well you know about our tiny neighbors!

Orkin are EXPERTS in bug science and developing customized solutions for keeping your home pest-free!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reader's Choice Review

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reader's Choice
With an earlier review of an updated version of the original Chicken Soup for the Soul, I also had the chance to review their Reader's Choice book. The book is roughly 50 stories taken out of other titles in the 250+ book series. Where does that leave the other half of the stories? That is the great part of this book. Those new stories expose the effect of the original stories. You read that right. Regular folks affected by the original stories share their soul and talk about how the original story helped change their world, for the better. It is a great way to see how these books truly have an effect on the people out there in the world.

Just like in the other books in the series, the stories run anywhere from a single page to between 5-10 at the high end. The newer stories tend to be longer as they have to tell the story and make a connection to the original story. Nothing too long and always a quick read. I really like the dual-story format of the book and it adds to the enjoyable of the title. Sure, all the stories are of the feel good type, but the cause and effect style is a great way to present the material, even if the new story is presented before the original.

I don't have a giveaway associated with the review here but there are some other bloggers who do. Here are a few worth checking out: Give Oh Giveaway (ends 9/6), Saving Common Cents (9/3), DebsHere (9/20), and Mom and More (9/13). There are more.
*Read my Disclosure

Friday, August 30, 2013

IAMS So Good! Blogger Opp

Check out this upcoming giveaway for some dog food from IAMS. There will be two winners and if you, as the blogger, post the giveaway, you'll get a free Twitter or Pinterest link for posting the announcement. Come back starting September 18th if you're interested in winning.

Mama's Mission is proud to bring you this delicious, wholesome nutrition to keep your dog healthy, strong, and playful giveaway opp!!

I am looking for bloggers to help me promote.

IAMS has been around for decades. Now, bringing your dog an even healthier and more wholesome product! Some leading dog food brands add sugar, dyes, or artificial preservatives, but IAMS SO GOOD! is made with wholesome ingredients and nothing else.

$500 Kmart Gift Card Blogger Opp

Here's a giveaway coming up in October for a $500 Kmart gift card. You get a free Twitter link for posting. Don't miss out on the great prize and be sure to come back to enter to win.
$500 K-Mart Gift Card Giveaway
It’s Halloween Event

Organized by: Mom Powered Media

Grand Prize: $500 K-Mart Gift Card
Event dates: 10/14 - 10/28
Open to US
Referral prize: $50 Amazon E-Code or Paypal Cash

Wine Glass Giveaway

Underground Cellar
Have you had a chance to enter our wine glass giveaway yet? Don't miss out. It ends on 9/8.
Wine Glasses

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ultimate Life DVD Giveaway

Enter to win The Ultimate Life Prize Pack. Giveaway ends 9/6.
Were you a fan of the movie The Ultimate Gift? Its sequel is about to come out on September 6th and we're giving away the original on DVD and as a book.
Between the pressure of running a foundation started by his late grandfather, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia leave on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason Stevens' world is unraveling. But when Jason discovers a journal that his grandfather began as a Depression-era lad, his writings transport Jason on an incredible rags-to-riches ride. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover THE ULTIMATE LIFE.

Build-A-Bear Sully Recall

Build-A-Bear Sully
A big oops from the folks over at Build-A-Bear. Their Sully character from Monsters University has been recalled. Apparently, the eye can come off.

Free Field & Stream Subscription

Field and Stream magazine cover
If you haven't entered yet, don't miss out on the Hunt & Ride Outdoorsmen Sweepstakes from Field and Stream Magazine. That runs through the end of March 2014 with a top prize of an $18,000 ATV. You can also pickup your own complimentary one-year subscription to the magazine, too.

Let’s Give Sport’s A Chance Blogger Opp

Here we have an upcoming giveaway for some sporting goods, a Walmart GC, and a Bulu Box 5 month subscription. Contact Bill (email below) if interested in participating, too. Should be a fun one.
Let’s Give Sport’s A Chance Giveaway
This is going to be a unique giveaway that will help put
sporting good equipment in the hands of those that need
them. By the generosity of some great sporting goods
companies, and great sponsors, parents can enter for a
chance to win their children new and great sporting good
equipment and accessories.This equipment can
be used for school required sporting goods or just sporting
equipment that will keep your children busy playing sporting
games with friends outside and out of trouble on the streets.

Costume Horns Halloween Giveaway

The Halloween giveaways all seem to be starting now. Great timing for a giveaway to run and get the prize out to the winner. Don't miss our other costume giveaway now ongoing, with eight winners there. Here, the prize is horns, for a costume hopefully. But, just the horns. The giveaway runs until 9/19 at midnight. Good luck.

This time, Visionary Bri has partnered with Oonacat
to bring you the Costume Horns Halloween Giveaway!


Visionary Bri

Halloween is fast approaching, so it's time to plan your costumes, now.
Oonacat makes custom horns that are lightweight and durable and
her work is the best costume work of this nature that I've ever seen.
Oonacat hand paints all of her creations,
and I have to tell you,
I've never been this blown away by my set of horns.
She really does some great work!
If you're looking for a cool accessory for stage, conventions, LARPs
or Halloween this year, then this giveaway is for you!

Black Antelope Horns
Check these babies out!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Learn to Read Online with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs
We're starting first grade next week in this household and my wife is driving home the reading part of the three Rs in education to our son. We just started trying out the Reading Eggs program online to help him develop his reading skills. Expect a fuller review after we've been using the program longer.

Why You Might Want to Hire Exterior Painters

Painting Wall by Petr Kratochvil

We have a guest post this week for those looking to paint their home exterior.
There are many reasons you might be considering painting the exterior of your home. Maybe you just purchased a home and love everything about it except for the bubblegum pink paint job. Maybe you’ve decided to put your home on the market and your agent told you that a fresh paint job would add to the curb appeal of your home. Whatever your reason, if you live locally, you might want to hire exterior painters in Boston to do the work for you. Here are a couple reasons why it can pay to hire professionals to get the job done.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!

Of course it is totally possible for you to tackle this project on your own. You could bribe some friends and family members with pizza and ice cream and dedicate a weekend, or two, to the project. However, unless you really enjoy painting on a large scale, the convenience of hiring a painting company can make the cost worth it. Contact two or three companies and have them come and give you a cost estimate. Choose the company that provides the best value and arrange a time for them to complete the project. Then sit back and let them paint your house while you go to work or get other things done. When you consider the value of your time, it makes sense to hire a professional to tackle the job.

Party like a Football Star Giveaway

While non-football fans might be more interested in entering to win the $50 TJ Maxx gift card giveaway, here's the perfect portable tailgating bar for your favorite football fan. Just two weeks to enter if you're part of the continental US. Ends 9/12.
Enter to win a $698 Ultimate Personal Bar Package. Ends 9/12
Best of Times Ultimate Personal Bar Package (A.L.L. Review)
ARV $698

Hosted by:
A Ladybug on the Go
"The Best of Times Bar is the ultimate piece of party equipment for entertainers from all walks of life. The portable bar is perfect for any occasion, and can be customized with a variety of interchangeable wraps."

Choosing the Best Cape Cod Hotels for Your Wedding

Sunset by Bobby Mikul

We have a guest post this week for those looking to spend some time on Cape Cod.

Regardless of whether you choose to plan the wedding of your dreams or will have a quick elopement at your local courthouse, spending the night at one of the beautiful Cape Cod hotels can provide the perfect ending to your beautiful day. Many hotels offer wedding packages, bridal or honeymoon suites, romantic room additions, and more to make your big day even more special.

Stick to Your Budget

You’ve made it this far without breaking the budget, so why stop now? Booking your hotel during off-season or inquiring about packages, deals, and specials can provide you with the best prices possible. The hotel may also be able to give you a better price if you block off a certain number of rooms.

Consider the Family

If you are only planning on staying at the hotel after the reception, then find something that suits your personal style and preferences and can add to the wedding experience. On the other hand, if you will have your guests staying at the same hotel, make sure to look for a family-friendly location that will gladly accept children. Giving your guests a list of nearby destinations, making special arrangements for them, and/or suggesting local favorites that they can take advantage of can make them feel like a VIP.

Coloring With Lil' Creepers Giveaway

I swear. When I signed up to participate in this giveaway I was thinking L'il Critters, not Lil' Creepers. Don't confuse the two when you enter. We're open to US and Canada here, and you have until 9/11 to register to win. Good luck.
Welcome to the Coloring with Lil' Creepers Giveaway
Sponsored By Lil' Creepers
Coloring with Lil Creepers Giveaway collage photo LilCreeperscollage_zps6ff23a11.jpg
Do your kids like to color? Of course they do! How about Zombies, Monsters, Bats ans such? Autumn, over at My Kind Of Introduction got the wonderful chance to review the Coloring with Lil' Creepers Coloring book from Shawna Carter. Shawna is an alternative Kid Literature Author and Illustrator from Madoc. She has a mass collection of Lil' Creepers brand books including the Coloring with Lil' Creepers Coloring Book and Cooking with Lil' Creepers. Her stories are about a young Zombie named Brenna who enjoys playing with her monstrous friends. Swing over to My Kind Of Introduction and check out what Autumn had to say in her Coloring with Lil' Creepers Coloring Book Review, Thank her for this wonderful little giveaway, if you like. Now it's time to WIN your very own Lil' Creepers Coloring Book!!!

Back to School Coach Duffle Giveaway

This post is sponsored by yours truly and a great group of bloggers!

It seems I can't pass up signing on to participate in a Coach bag giveaway. Everyone (but me) seems to want one. Here's a giveaway for a $278 Park Signature Duffle that is open to US and Canada residents. You have until lucky Friday the 13th of September to enter to win. Good luck.

Back to School doesn't have to be just about the kids! Moms deserve a BIG thank you for all the hard work they put in year-round, especially at back to school time. And that's why My Boys and Their Toys has teamed up with these amazing bloggers to give one lucky reader this awesome COACH Park Signature Duffle in black.
Enter for your chance to win a $279 Coach duffle. Ends 9/13.

Cook Up a Win Blogger Opp

It seems the past few days have been mostly about new giveaways. Here's a blogger opportunity to sign up for, where a similar giveaway ran back in June. This one starts mid-September and offers a free Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, BlogLovin, or Instagram link. Please tell them Java John Z's sent you if you sign up. Thanks.

Sign up for the Cook Up A Win blogger opp by 9/12
GrubHubUSA Camp Kitchen
Spatula Set
ARV $387
Hosted by:

Groupon: $5 for $10 Sephora eGift Card

Here's a quickie deal from Groupon. Spend $5 to get a $10 Sephora gift card. Nuff said.

TJ Maxx $50 Gift Card Giveaway

So, we have a giveaway here for a $50 TJ Maxx gift card. I actually drive by their headquarters all the time. They're that close. Today's giveaway runs until 9/3 and is US only. The rest of the text below is thanks to Dana over at Pittsburgh Frugal Mom. Don't get her lack of interest in football confused with my love of football.
Enter the TJ Maxx Gift Card Giveaway. Ends

So, it is football time and that can be super boring if you are not into the sport. When the games come on, I clear out of the house and go shopping. I have a lot of gift cards that I tend to purchase and I have them with me all the time, but the horrible thing is I never know what the balances are. It often feels like a guessing game as I wonder what I have left on each card? I control the chaos with a great website and an app called Go Wallet. Have you ever tried this? Go Wallet offers the ability to upload your gift card numbers and track the balances right at your fingertips. I am not calling 1-800 numbers to get balances or guessing what I might have left on a card! The GoWallet App lets you easily manage multiple gift cards in one place, access real-time balances, purchase gift cards and sometimes redeem them. If you have purchased gift cards you know there is nothing worse than not spending a card because you have left the card at home. GoWallet makes it easy to keep your cards with you so you have access to them when you are ready to spend as they are suddenly digital.

Samsung NX300 Camera Sweepstakes

Enter to win a Samsung NX300 camera by August 29th.
We have a really quick giveaway from Samsung here. Just follow Samsung on Instagram for your chance to win a Samsung NX300 camera. It runs only through August 29th. There is an addtional daily giveaway of a DV105F camera, too. There is a photo entry option to get additional entries. We can only hope that Samsung has learned their lesson from past contest mistakes.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Got Milk? Coupon Giveaway

One item we buy regularly that rarely has coupons is milk. Here's a giveaway that is giving away $4.00 coupons for a gallon a milk, one every minute or 1,440 per day. There is also a weekly giveaway of a book of 52 $4 coupons. Enter daily through 10/17/13.

Tmart RC Helicopter Review and Giveaway

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Enter to win an RC Helipcoter from Tmart. #Giveaway ends 9/13.
Have you ever been to a mall and seen those remote controlled (RC) helicopters flying around? I had the opportunity recently to receive one of those products from for review and you get a chance to win one below.
Enter to win an RC Helipcoter from Tmart. #Giveaway ends 9/13.
There are several Tmart RC Helicopters available. They vary in price range from just over $10 to over $100. The one I received (HammerHead Pro Series 2.5CH Rechargeable Micro Helicopter Orangewas somewhere closer to the low end, coming in at $17.34 (but on sale from $32.10). 

Yabbly Great Decisions Giveaway

Do you shop at Amazon? Here's a chance to win part of $500, spread over five prizes. Top prize is $300 and the other four are $50 each. Open to US and Canada residents, you have until September 9th to enter to win. Good luck. All times are CDT.
Enter to win part of $500 in Amazon GCs. Ends 9/9
Yabbly is an online community of thoughtful people who help each other make great purchasing decisions everyday. They were finalists in SxSW 2013 in the social category and are a top 3 search result in "product reviews" on the iPhone app store. Now we all know how hard it is to get to the top 10 in the eyes of Apple. So that is pretty big news. Get the Yabbly App today. It's free!

Freaky Forecast Giveaway

With Halloween approaching soon, it is time to start considering what costumes to get for the kids and who will be the hot character this year. With the dreaded question of make or buy, too. If you're in the continental US, here's your chance to win one of eight $25 gift certificates. Enter before 9/10 for your chance to win.
8 Winners
ARV $25 each
Hosted by:
A Lucky Ladybug
"® is a leading online retailer of Halloween Costumes & Accessories, Drama and Theme Party Costumes, Lingerie & Sexy Wear, Shoes and Party & Wedding Supplies. Our mission is to offer you the most pleasant online shopping experience by providing the widest selection of products, at best possible prices via our easy-to-use, full featured and secure web site."

Viatek Celebration-Moving 5 Pattern Laser with Remote Giveaway Co-Host Page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 26, 2013

Country Bob's End-Of-Summer Sauce Giveaway Co-Host Page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SodaStream Fountain Jet Giveaway

I rarely drink soda anymore. I used to drink way too much. If I had a SodaStream when I was drinking 2 liters+ of Coca Cola a day, it would have been too easy to drink 3 or more. Want to win a Fountain Jet for yourself? We're giving away one here. Be sure to enter by 9/23.
Sponsored by SodaStream
Here is your chance to win a SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-up Kit. Ends 9/23.
Hosted by Mommy2 Doggy1

Giveaway package is a Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit ($99.95)

Samsung Chromebook Giveaway

This is the fourth Chromebook giveaway you'll find here. The past ones have been extremely popular. I'm expecting this one to be the same. Enter early and often. You don't want to miss out on this one. Good luck.

Samsung Chromebook Giveaway 8/26 - 9/16

Hosted by: One Punky Mama

SmartSilk Pillows Giveaway

Are your pillows starting to get old and flat? Here's a chance for an update in this US-only giveaway for two SmartSilk standard pillows. Enter by 9/16 for your chance to win. Good luck.
Enter to win two SmartSilk standard pillows. Giveaway ends 9/16.
Sponsored by SmartSilk

Hosted by

Co-hosted by

We are giving away 

Value $130