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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Us Weekly Subscription

Free Us Weekly Subscription
Are you a member over at Rewards Gold? Whether a member or not, you can get a free weekly subscription to Us Magazine from them. No credit card required. I've gotten several subscriptions from them in the past. I have enough rewards $$$ from them accumulated to get many more. Here's your chance to get one totally free. Don't forget to put in emails of friends to get all available reward points, though they aren't checked for validity.

Wantable Tory Burch Bag Giveaway

Enter the Wantable giveaway for a Tory Burch Bag, ends 9/4
The folks over at Wantable have been without a giveaway for some time. (Or I totally missed one...) They just started their latest giveaway which runs until September 4th. The prizes are a Tory Burch bag filled with Besame cosmetics and a Mad Men five season DVD set.

Magnetic Locker Designz Blogger Opp

Here's an interesting giveaway coming up for some wallpaper for kid's school lockers. They seem to be more targeted for the girls than the boys. Signup if you want to participate and tell them Java John Z's sent you or come back between 9/4 and 9/19 if you want to win. I suspect this will be a US-only giveaway but I can't say for sure.

** Free & Paid Options **
You will receive a Free Twitter or Pinterest Link for posting announcement.
Additional Links $.50 - $2
Co-Host $3 (3 Links, Link on Giveaway)
Open to US residents only!
Hosted by:  Couponing Momma
Sponsored by:  Appliance Art, Inc.
Prize:  Magnetic Locker Designz Wallpaper
Event dates: 9/4-9/19
Sign-ups close 9/2

Google Timer

Have you ever needed a quick timer for something, like a timeout, but couldn't find what you typically use? Google recently added a Timer to their search box for just such a need.

To get started, just enter something like the following into the Google search box:

timer 5 minutes
timer 12:40 am

You get a little bell sound when the time is up.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Earn Triple HHonors Points

No credit card required to sign up and earn triple Hilton Honors points when you stay over a weekend. Earn double points for weekdays (business trips). Bonus points earned until end of September, 2013.

Miller High Life Harely-Davidson Sweepstakes

Miller High Life Harely-Davidson Sweepstakes
Miller High Life and Harley Davidson have partnered up to giveaway a $13,729 Street Bob motorcycle, along with some other gear. You can enter daily, including via text message, through the end of the month. There are additional bikes being given away if you are from Illinois or if you are an Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) member from CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT. (rules) Keyword: HARLEY.

Bilstein Just Add BMW 335i Sweepstakes

Here's your chance to win some great new wheels, thanks to the folks over at Bilstein shocks. It looks like the BMW 335i beat out the Ford Mustang 5.0 and Ford F150 4x4 (Win the Car with the Most Votes). Now that there is a clear winner, enter to win it and help customize it. You have until 10/7/13 to register.

9th and Elm Giveaway

We have a giveaway here for yet another flash sale site. Not much for guy stuff available but some interesting looking fashion items my wife might like, or perhaps that teen daughter I don't have. Enter for a $100 credit. You have until 9/5 at midnight to register to win.
Enter to win a $100 store credit to 9th and Elm. Ends 9/5.
Hosted by:  Momma Lew's Blog 
Sponsored by:

 9th & Elm is a flash sale site that works with handmade & independent designers to provide unique and exciting fashion.  9th & Elm tries to find the best of the best of designs that are geared towards the "Fashionista" not the everyday individual. 

Java John Z's August Giveaways

Java John Z's
We have about 40 active giveaways going on right now at Java John Z's. All are listed in the widget to the right labeled Current Giveaways. You can also find them with the giveaways label, though that also includes giveaways pointed out on other sites, too.

Most are group giveaways where you can find the same giveaway hosted by multiple bloggers. Visit the giveaway on any of the blogger sites and you're entering the same giveaway on each. The rest of the giveaways are only hosted here. By that, I mean if you're not on the Java John Z's site (, you won't see the giveaway. You might see the same prize elsewhere, but not the same giveaway.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Methods to Protect Data for a Small Business

Internal Hard Drive by Petr Kratochvil

We have a guest post this week on backup strategies.

If you own a small business, it is critical that your business has a program that routinely backs up your data. Losing your data means expensive downtime. As long as you are working on recovering your data, you are not productively running your business. In addition, you might lose important data that cannot be recovered. Using cloud storage space for a small business is a great first step, but it isn’t the only method you should use. To secure your data, you should implement the following back-up strategies:

  • Full backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Continuous backup
  • Physical offsite backup
  • Online offsite backup
Full Backup

A full backup is essential. This is the first backup that you do of your data. Depending on how much data you have, it might take a while for this backup to be completed.

Incremental Backup

Incremental backups are designed to back up only the data that has changed since the most recent backup. Because you aren’t backing up all your data, these backups take less time to do. There are programs that will perform automatic incremental backups based on a schedule that you determine.

Pump up the Power Blogger Opp

I don't participate in enough giveaways here. :) Here's one that I'd like to win and not just host. I've been looking into these portable power stations more and this looks like a useful one to win. If you'd like to host the giveaway, too, sign on and tell them Java John Z's sent you. You have until 9/8 to sign on. Then come back on 9/11 to enter to win. See you then.
A Ladybug on the Go
Tego Cera Portable Speaker
Tego Power Grid
ARV $150 Total
Hosted by:
Sign-ups close 9/8

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Groupon: The Boxer Hotel - Boston

The Boxer Hotel Boston
Come visit my home town of Boston and take advantage of a Groupon deal at The Boxer Hotel. Rooms available through November.

Ace Sports All-Stars Sweepstakes

Ace All*Star Sweepstakes
Here's a chance to win $5,000 with a story of 250 characters or less about your all star. You have until August 31 to enter to win.

Underground Cellar Wine Glass Giveaway

Our newest giveaway is a 12 pack of wine glasses, sponsored by the folks over at Underground Cellar. It is 21+ US-only giveaway and runs through 9/8/13.
Enter to win a 12 pack of wine glasses from Underground Cellar. #Giveaway ends 9/8.
Underground Cellar is about to launch on September 12. They will provide an online community where you'll have direct access to prestigious vintners and aficionados as well as private stashes of small-production wines from high-end wineries. With each purchase, you'll receive free upgrades to higher end wines, too. You don't even need to store the wine yourself. Underground Cellar can provide you with your very own temperature-controlled state-of-the-art Wine Cellar in the Clouds, too. When you signup for the giveaway here, you are also registering for their Underground Society and launch party giveaway of an iPad and lots of wine. Unfortunately, Massachusetts has some rather draconian laws so I can't accept alcohol shipment from them. But, that doesn't stop you from celebrating and joining the party, too. If you're in the SF area, you don't want to miss their launch party of Mystery Wine Night.

Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway Giveaway

Enter to win the Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway Combo Pack, US/18+ Ends 9/17.
It's full steam ahead on the Island of Sodor with Thomas and his engine friends, a favorite of my son. Coming September 17th to BluRay/DVD Combo Pack, DVD, Digital Download, and Video on Demand is the all-new CG animated movie Thomas & Friends: King of the RailwayThe Movie introduces four new engines and a new destination on the Island of Sodor. New engine Stephen is based on the legendary “Stephenson’s Rocket”, one of the fastest and most advanced steam locomotives of its day. Meet the Earl of Sodor and see how Thomas and the Steam Team rely on friendship and cooperation to avoid disaster and save the day!

The Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway – The Movie Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 and $19.98, respectively, is from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. And, you can win your very own copy, too.

Barney: Most Huggable Moments Giveaway

Enter to win Barney: Most Huggable Moments DVD. US/18+, ends 9/17.
Help celebrate 25 years of sharing, caring, and imagination with that purple dinosaur Barney. Coming September 17th to DVD, Digital Download, and Video on Demand is Barney: Most Huggable Moments. The program provides a collection of stories, songs and 5 bonus karaoke music videos, all for just $14.98, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. And, you can win your very own copy. 

Bob the Builder: Hammer Time on Demand

Somehow, my son missed becoming a fan of Bob the Builder, but that probably didn't stop your kid from being a fan. Starting today, August 20th, the program Bob the Builder: Hammy Time, a new collection of 6 fun-filled episodes, will be available exclusively on Digital Download and Video on Demand, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

Fireman Sam: Super Saves on Demand

Fireman Sam Super Saves
My son is a big, big fan of Fireman Sam. Is your child? Starting today, August 20th, the program Fireman Sam: Super Saves, a new collection of 6 fun-filled episodes, will be available exclusively on Digital Download and Video on Demand, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

Pingu Learns A Lesson on Demand

Pingu Learns a Lesson
Are you or your child a fan of everyone's favorite little penguin Pingu? Starting today, August 20th, the program Pingu Learns a Lesson, a new collection of 12 fun-filled episodes, will be available exclusively on Digital Download and Video on Demand, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

Monday, August 19, 2013

9th & Elm Blogger Opp

Check out this blogger opportunity with a prize of a $100 credit to 9th and elm. You get a free Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest link for participating with an announcement post. Signups end real soon now. Please tell them Java John Z's sent you if you sign up. Giveaway runs 8/22-9/5.
Sign up for the 9th and elm blogger opportunity. $100 Store Credit. Giveaway runs 8/22-9/5.

Prize: $100 Store credit to

1 free Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest Link with announcement post

Dates:  8/22-9/5

Share the Planet Blogger Opp

Here's an interesting giveaway concept. If you win, not only do YOU win but you get to designate a school to get a prize, too. Interested in signing up to participate, too?  Sign up below and tell them Java John Z's sent you. This should be a good one.
Share the Planet Blogger Opp, Sign up by 9/3. Giveaway runs 9/6-9/19
16" Earth Ball
Winner School of Choice will receive a
1 Meter Earth Ball
ARV $143 Total

September Mini Model Lego Build

Pirate Lego Mini Model

If you get a chance, stop by your local Lego store the first Tuesday of September, the 3rd, and your child can build a free mini-model. For September, that model is a pirate.

The build event is open to kids aged 6-14 and starts at 5 pm. It goes until they run out of build kits. 

$500 Back to School Cash Giveaway

I've been getting lots of requests for more worldwide giveaways. Here you go with one of the better ones. The prize is $500 cash (USD). Good luck. Ends 9/1.
Enter to win the Back to School Cash Giveaway. $500 Cash. Ends 9/1.

Welcome to the $500 Back to School Cash Giveaway!

We've joined forces with a great group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win $500 cash.

Free $5 Kmart GC w/ $25 iTunes Purchase

I have been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.
Fun with iTunes
Do you love iTunes and Kmart? Here is a deal for you. Just pickup a $25 iTunes gift card on your next trip to Kmart and you'll receive a $5 Kmart gift card to spend on whatever you want in the store.

This is a limited time offer and runs through August 31st, so get to your nearest Kmart and get yours today. While supplies last, see store for further details.

Anything Goes October Blogger Opp

The last giveaway hop we participated in offered the Libre Tea Mug as a prize. It proved to be a popular giveaway. If you're not familiar with a giveaway hop, it is a bunch of bloggers who each source their own prize, and then group together to advertise the giveaways together. 
Anything Goes Giveaway Hop
Coming up in October will be another one called Anything Goes Giveaway Hop. Feel free to join in.

~ This FREE Event will run October 17-31, 2013
~ Posts must go live at 12:01AM (EST) on October 17, 2013.
~ Giveaways will end on October 31, 2013 @ 11:59PM (EST)
~ Hashtag: #anythinggoes
~Prize Minimum: $20
~ All participants must find their own sponsor(s) and host the giveaway on their own blog that starts the day of the event.
~ All participants will be checked for their posts and removed from the event linky if post is not posted. You may be added back onto the linky once your post is live, but your spot will be lost as you are added to the bottom of the list.
~ You be responsible for reporting your links before the deadline or you will be removed from the hop.
~ Questions? Please contact with any questions!
~ DEADLINE: October 16, 2013 *Linky will close and signups will no longer be accepted!

King Richard's Faire Tickets Giveaway

Enter to win a pair of tickets to King Richard's Faire, ends 9/2
My first exposure to a renaissance festival was when I lived down in Maryland ( Since moving up to Boston about twenty years ago now, my wife and I have been regularly going to King Richard's Faire down in Carver, MA. It is getting close to that time of year again where the festival is back in town.
King Richard's Faire Jouster

Teton Sleeping Bag Giveaway

I've always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Without a decent sleeping bag to keep you warm, that just isn't going to happen here. Here's your chance to win just such a sleeping bag. The US-only giveaway runs until 9/13.
Teton Sports Logo

Sponsored by 

Hosted by 

Co-Hosted by

One lucky winner will win a 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Banana Republic London Sweepstakes

Are you a fan of Banana Republic? Check out this trip for 2 with a $2,000 shopping spree, too. Entries accepted through September 1.

Therafit Athletic Shoes Giveaway

How now brown cow? Our giveaway here is for a pair of shoes and runs until 9/1. Like most of our other giveaways, it is open to US only readers. Best of luck.
Sponsored by 
Therafit Shoes

Hosted by 

Co-hosted by 
Simple Sherryl and Barbara's Beat

One lucky winner will win a pair of 

Value $95

Chad's Carolina Corn Giveaway

Popcorn anyone? Interested in seeing a recent movie out? Check out this giveaway for some "gourmet" goodies. Ends 8/24 at 11:59 pm.

Giveaway for 5 bags of Chad's Carolina Corn! You get to choose the flavors and there are 11 to choose from!

Read The Blegen Bunch's review of Chad's Popcorn.

Also visit Chad's site for more info.