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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Jolly Rancher Candies

I was recently reading the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine when I ran across a recipe for JollyPops, basically lollipops made out of Jolly Ranchers.
Getting Started
We're Melted

Last Chance Customizo Custom T-Shirts And Giveaway

Customizo Pin it To Win It
A couple weeks back we reviewed Customizo. Have you had a chance to enter their giveaway yet? It ends April 1 at 11:59 pm.

After creating my Pinterest board for the giveaway, I'm liking their templates more and more. Sure, you can still upload custom graphics, and create shirts from that, but why start from scratch if you don't have to.

Friday, March 29, 2013

3,000 Celebration Giveaway

Google Play $25 Gift Card
What started in December of last year has grown some. To celebrate 3,000 Facebook Fans and 3,000 Twitter Followers, we're giving away a $25 Google Play gift card, sponsored by Big Fish Games. I just want to say thank you to all my readers for hanging around and I hope you like what you find here.

If you're not familiar with Big Fish Games, they are basically an online arcade with downloadable games. You can play them online, on your desktop, and most recently they offer iPhone and iPad Games and Android Games. I first purchased from them back in 2007, way before they were available. The key thing I like about their games is you get to play their paid games for free for an hour. That may not sound like much but, they have so many games available, and their slogan is "A New Game Every Day!" that you can play practically forever without ever buying anything. Not something I would recommend as you can only get so far in a game in an hour, but you can try enough games out to find something you really like that you can spend your $$$ more smartly.

$200 Visa Gift Card Blogger Opp

Our first June blogger opportunity is accepting signups already. Wow. First 50 get a free Twitter/Pinterest link. After that, paid only, until 200 folks sign on. Come back June 3 to win.

Blogger Opportunity

Giveaway from June 3 to 28

Come and be part of this awesome giveaway

We are giving away a Visa gift card of $200

We will have a max. of 200 bloggers for sign up, it will be a big giveaway.

The RC is not long because each co-host has there own RC with their links.

Giveaways Ending This Weekend

We have ten giveaways ending over the next three days and I thought I would highlight them in case you haven't had a chance to enter yet. Good luck.

Three ending 3/29:

Two ending on 3/30:
Five ending on 3/31:

Review of OrigAudio's Epishock Speaker

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Epishock portable speaker from OrigAudio. It is a unique device that you connect to your music player through a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. You then place the speaker on a flat surface, and it turns the WHOLE flat surface into your speaker. Little to no sound comes out of the actual speaker itself. Instead, you have a surface vibration speaker that has some amazing sound quality.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preppers Dream Lantern

Crank Lantern
Does anyone not get a good laugh when they watch Doomsday Preppers? Groupon seems to be targeting us all these days with their latest deal. A combination crank flashlight, lantern, and charger for only $20.99. The item regularly sells for $49.99 so it is 58% off. See how long you can last after a disaster with the help of your new lantern. Free shipping even.

LightAir Air Purifier Giveaway Blogger Opp

Here's a blogger opportunity for an air purifier. You get Twitter/Facebook links for free with others for 50¢ each. No announcement post required. For readers, if you are interested in winning this prize, come back 4/7.
LightAir IonFlow 50 Air Purifier

Blogger Opportunity

Giveaway from April 7 - April 21

We are giving away a $495 LightAir IonFlow 50 Air Purifier

Yankee Candle Coupon, exp 4/14/13

Yankee Candle Logo
Here's a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free from Yankee Candle. It expires April 14th and is good on your next purchase of large candles.

Follow them on Facebook TheYankeeCandleCompany, on Twitter (@theyankeecandle), or on Pinterest (theyankeecandle).

I keep looking for Yankee Candle giveaways when I post the coupons, but no luck this time either.

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. See my disclosure policy for more information.

TuneUp Utilities Giveaway

Has anyone else noticed the text on the box is in French, besides the product name? Other than that, here's a giveaway with a product that should help your computer run much more efficiently. It received 4 out of 5 stars in a recent PC Magazine review.

Welcome to the TuneUp Utilities 2013 Giveaway

 Sponsored by TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities is a fantastic solution for computer maintenance.   It helps keep your computer free of fragmented files and unnecessary files, which helps your computer to run smoother and more efficiently. Check out the Full Review

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Desert Rogue Giveaway Blogger Opp

Here's a giveaway opportunity for a rather unique item, or at least an opportunity to pick one, as it is winner's choice. I ran across Visionary Bri's blog and she's hosting a bunch of giveaways with unique items so I thought I would sign on for a few. Hope you like. What in the world are "Rennie, Larper, Burner"?

Visionary Bri is at it, again, with another one-of-a-kind promotion.
Sign up now for the Desert Rogue Giveaway.

The Etsy shop, Desert Rogue Designs, has offered one winner any item of their choosing from the shop. The average value of these pieces is $100!
Desert Rogue Designs makes awesome leather belts with all kinds of neat pockets on them. If you're a Rennie, Larper, Burner, artist or just someone who needs a couple of extra pockets (with some sweet style thrown in), these belts are the ones for you.

Belt with pouch

Made by Hippies Tie Dye Giveaway Blogger Opp

I haven't owned a tie dye shirt in some time but here's a giveaway offering just that. I'm checking to see if this runs 4/1-4/14 or 4/11-4/24. The announcement post says both.

Here comes another Visionary Bri blogger opportunity
with another one-of-a-kind promotion.
Sign up now for the Made by Hippies Giveaway!

The Etsy shop, Made by Hippies
has offered one winner
a rainbow spiral tie dye tshirt (size small - 4xl). 

This is the shirt that's shown, here, in the first picture.
Made by Hippies is your one stop shop
for everything tie dye.

The colors are bright and vibrant,
the patterns are varied
and the prices just can't be beat.

Made by Hippies Tie Dye Shirt

Fish Like a Pro! Sweepstakes

Here's a chance to win a $70,000, yes $70,000, boat. Enter through September 2nd, 2013.

Kobo Arc Giveaway

I like finding giveaways where the prize is a computing device. I like winning them more, but that is another story. Here is your chance to win an Android-based tablet that works great for reading books, playing games, and just surfing the web. You'll be sure to enjoy, if you win. Good luck.
Kobo Arc Button

Welcome to the Kobo Arc Giveaway!

Organized by Mom to Bed by 8


The Kobo Arc 64GB offers booklovers a competitively featured Android 4.0 multimedia tablet with a new way to discover content – books, movies, TV shows, music, web pages and more. With a Kobo-developed interface called Tapestries, Kobo Arc gives consumers an exciting new way to discover content. Using an intelligent cross-media recommendations engine, Tapestries responds to the user’s “pinned” content to recommend related videos, movies, books, webpages and other related content. Tapestries makes it easy to discover new personal multimedia recommendations with little effort as the engine learns what consumers love – and brings them more.

Spring Redwood Giveaway Co-Host Page

Sultan Bean Bag Giveaway Blogger Opp

Sultan Bean Bag

Blogger Opportunity

Giveaway from April 10 - May 1

We are giving away a $279 Sultan Bean Bag

Tell them Java John Z's sent you

License to Spill Hits Boston

My six year old son has a new girlfriend. Her name is Taniya Nayak. We had the opportunity to meet this HGTV designer/host at The Home Show in Foxboro this past weekend, at Patriot Place. The show had its share of freebies (like energy efficient light bulbs) and lots of giveaways along with plenty of folks pitching their latest home improvement options. I never found out who was giving away the balloons, but I easily entered $100,000 worth of contests for windows, insulation, and kitchenware, among many other things.
License to Spill Van
We found Taniya at the Mohawk License to Spill booth where she was their spokesperson. And she got to hear my son's impression of Robert Irvine. My wife and son watch Restaurant Impossible regularly and he couldn't wait to get to the show to meet her since she is a regular designer on the show. He was a little shy at first, but after Taniya did her impression of Robert, my son got more comfortable and did his.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Caribbean Cruise Giveaway

Everyone can use a vacation. Here we have a 7-day cruise giveaway, thanks to Dixieland Mom Product and Travel Reviews and SoCal Coupon Mommy and their band of co-hosts. I've never been on a cruise myself. I'd be more inclined to do an Alaska cruise than one to the Caribbean. With that said, the prize here is a Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line, and if I were to win, I certainly wouldn't turn it down. Might be fun to do a cruise to a warm climate with all the snow we've had here lately.
Cruise Ship
We are excited to be offering our fans the chance to win a 7 day cruise for a family of 4 to the Caribbean! This giveaway is hosted by Dixieland Mom Product and Travel Reviews and SoCal Coupon Mommy and co-hosted by Simply Southern Couponers, Making of a Mom, Crazy for a Deal, Frugal Diva Frenzy, Growing up Bilingual and Swank Savings. **Please note: winner must be 21 or older due to sailing restrictions for those under the age of 21. **

Dirt Bike Sweepstakes

Honda Dirt Bike
Here's a giveaway for another big-boy toy, a Honda dirt bike and gear. This runs through April 28th. You can enter multiple ways / places, including weekly. There is a $500 gift card given away each week.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale Giveaway Co-Host Page

Today is Diabetes Alert Day (3/26)

Alert Day Image
The fourth Tuesday of March is national Diabetes Alert Day. Take a free online test to see if you're at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Simply Southern Couponers 10,000 Fan Celebration Blogger Opp

Here's a free blogger opportunity for a $100 Visa gift card to celebrate Simply Southern Couponers getting 10,000 fans oon Facebook. Signup and get a free Twitter or Pinterest link with announcement post. Interested in winning? Come back April 6th for a month long run. Good luck and congrats.
Simply Southern Couponers 10,000 Fan Celebration!
Visa Gift Card 
Sign-ups are now open! This event is free to join with an announcement post here. You will receive one free link for participating. If you do not wish to post the announcement you can pay a $5 non-post fee. (Twitter or Pinterest) 
Co-Host spots are available for $15 (4 Links on Rafflecopter, link on giveaway post and one host page) Follow Pages are available for $10 Additional Links $2 each Sign-ups end April 3rd. 
Giveaway runs April 6th-May 5th.
*Prize* One lucky winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card
*The blogger with the most referrals will receive a Co-host spot at no cost* 
Please send PayPal to as a gift.
Sign-up Here!

Tell Them Java John Z's sent you if you join.

AquaChef Winner


The lucky winner of our great AquaChef unit is Vicki H. Congrats and have fun cooking.

Return to Nim's Island Winner

Return to Nim's Island
The winner of the Return to Nim's Island DVD is Austin B. Congratulations. Thanks to Walden Media & Hallmark Channel who supplied the prize.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Acu-Rite NOAA Severe Weather Alert Radio Giveaway Co-Host Page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Current Giveaways, 3/25/13

Here's our weekly review of all the giveaways we have open. A little calmer as far as fewer starting, or at least more spread out, but still plenty of prizes to win. While last week I got caught missing promoting some giveaways at the end because something ended at 12:00 am, instead of thinking they lasted the whole day, this week I messed up the beginning of a couple due to time zones. Its fun keeping these things straight.

Remember to watch the Twitter feed  and Facebook for last minute reminders to enter. Google+, too. The Instagram presence is slowly growing. I haven't yet starting promoting the giveaways/reviews there but I hope to soon.

Our giveaway count for the week is sitting at 28. The Caribbean Cruise giveaway that was supposed to start tonight has been delayed a day.
Nate Rocks the School Tour
The Nate Rocks the School blog tour actually ends on 3/25, not the 24th.
Our AquaChef unit is up for grabs this week as part of the March Into Spring Giveaway Hop, with an ending date of 3/25. You can see my favorites in the hop here.
Objects With Purpose
The Objects with Purpose Candle Gift Basket giveaway runs until 3/25. $200 RV here.
comfy gc

Stopper Toppers Giveaway

A little bit of a different prize here with this giveaway. Not even sure if I've ever heard of these before. They offer an interesting way to improve your bathroom decor. You have until the 7th of April to enter. Good luck and let me know if you like these less technical / more decorative prizes. Trying to shake things up a little as I don't suspect there will be as many entries for this giveaway as say a Kindle Fire.

Stopper Toppers

Welcome to the Stopper Topper Giveaway

 Sponsored by Stopper Toppers
Stopper Toppers are the next big thing in bathroom decor! They transform your boring sink into something fabulous. It is super easy, affordable.  Check out my Full Review
Set of Four

$50 PayPal Giveaway by Geshery

I know folks love to win cash. Here's a chance at getting $50 added to your PayPal account. Open worldwide even. Good luck.
$50 PayPal Giveaway by Geshery button 

Do you want to win $50 PayPal credits?

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have (or you can create) a PayPal account, you can join and get a chance to win $50 PayPal credits from Sheryl of GEORYL (a.k.a Techie She or WAHWM) as she celebrates the birth of her newest blog, Geshery Online!

The “$50 PayPal Giveaway by Geshery” is brought to you by the following sponsors: Stay At Home Wife and Mother, Dens Online, Chika Bits, Travel Pixy, Bloggista Info Corner, Casthle and Nilla Vizion.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free Scott Toilet Paper

Scott Toilet Paper
Sign up for Scott Shared Values and get a free roll of Scott Extra Soft Tissue.

Ending Today 3/24

Java John Z's
Three giveaways ending today. Get your entries in before they end.
Update: Oops, last one ends tomorrow according to time left on Rafflecopter.

Two more ending tomorrow: