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Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Cleaning Tip and Swiffer Steamboost Review

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. 
Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost
We're a big fan of Swiffer in this household. We also have a Bissell PowerSteamer that we picked up for a steal a couple Black Fridays ago. Each product has its purpose, but what would happen if you were to combine the two? That is basically what they did when they created the Steamboost. It is basically a Swiffer WetJet with an added steaming element.
Putting together the Steamboost is a piece of cake. There are three pieces that need to go together and two of them are the handle. Throw on a pad, fill it with water, plug it in, and off you go. Just wait til the blue light turns on to tell you the steam is ready.
Attaching pad to SteamBoost
Use the Steamboost similar to a WetJet but the cleaner is in the wet pad. Then when you really want to get rid of the germs, give the handle a squeeze and out comes the steam.

I thought our bathroom floors were pretty clean but add in the steam to a typical mopping and boy does it make a difference. I'm too ashamed to show you the after/dirty pad. You just don't want to see that. Thankfully, pad removal was easy as there is enough flap to not have to touch the bottom.

One wish is a longer power cord. While there was enough for cleaning a bathroom, you'd need to probably move the cord around if you have a decent size kitchen or for a long hallway. Apart from that, you get a good clean from an easy job. Tempted to let my six year old try but with the steam, probably wait before he gets to use this.

The starter kit retails for $50 and comes with two pads (less a $15 gift card highlighted below). If you buy, my favorite part of the packaging is this little label: Squeeze trigger for steam. Whatever did we do before products had labels like this.
Squeeze Trigger for Steam Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost Label
Holiday Cleaning Tip
The best cleaning tip is to avoid making the mess. We get a live Christmas tree every year. With a live tree, that mess is dropped needles, specifically when moving the tree. We used to drag the tree in and out. Or more specifically, someone on each end carrying, or trying to. It never works out well, though, and lots of needles dropped. To stop dropping needles, place a blanket under the tree when you move it in and out of the house. A moving blanket works great here. This both saves the floor and helps prevent needles from dropping. On the way out this is especially necessary as the needles tend to be much much dryer.

SwifferLogo-10-2-12This sponsored post was brought to you by Swiffer®. For a limited time, get a $15 prepaid card when you purchase a SteamBoost Steam Mop Starter Kit between 11/24/13 and 12/31/13. Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost™ combines a dirt-dissolving cleaning solution with the power of steam for a deep clean that gets messes mops can leave behind. Also be sure to like Swiffer on Facebook and follow @swiffer on Twitter.


  1. Swiffer + Steamer is a great idea!

  2. i heard so much good feedback about this mop,i'm going to have to check it out..thank you for the review.