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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2016 Java John Z's Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors

Welcome to our 2016 holiday gift guide. Check out the following items that are more geared towards the outdoors. Be sure to check out the other sections of the 2016 holiday guide.

If you go camping or like hanging out at the beach, you should check out the lightweight and compact chairs from Helinox and sold by Big Agnes. Chair prices range from just under $100 to $180 for the rocker (with removable rockers). Their Chair Mini weighs in at just one pound and packs into a cargo bag no bigger than a water bottle.
Okay, this one is probably more for the summer than the snowy winter days, but The Grommet has some really cool gifts, most of which you won't find elsewhere. Fatboy Lounger: Lamzac Instant Air Sofa is definitely something to look into further if you like to relax on the beach or just in your yard, or really anywhere. Be sure to explore all of their fun and interesting gadgets.

Normally if you wanted to gift someone a boat for the holidays, you’d have to have extremely deep pockets and they would have to have a place to store that vessel ­ either in the garage, at a dock, in a storage facility, or at the very least along the side of the house. And, you wouldn’t be able to really wrap the boat in paper as a gift either - maybe the keys.

Innova Kayak is changing that with its inflatable kayaks. The Innova Swing 2, a two-person inflatable kayak, can easily be packed inside a suitcase but is durable and rigid enough for river, lake or even shoreline use with a spray deck to keep passengers dry. The Swing weighs under 25 pounds and packs into a 27x15x9 inch roll. Innova Kayaks are made from recyclable rubber and the company offers its own recycling program for boats that are ready to retire. The Swing 2 is available in a special package for the holidays with a fin, rucksack, skirt, pump and two paddles for just $948.

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