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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plimouth Plantation Visit

Plimouth Rock
Its that time of year where Plymouth, Mass is very popular. Plimouth Plantation is a great place to visit. And of course they have a reproduction of a ship there, too. I do wish I took a picture of the MooFlower though. It is a Mayflower carved in the back of a full-sized, wooden cow.
Mayflower Model

 Start the plantation visit with the Wampanoag Homesite.
Plimouth bark pilePlimouth nush wetu
The biggest part of the 17th century recreation is a nush wetu, or bark covered long house. Its amazingly warm inside with the small fire going on.

Plimouth Plantation Wood Pile
The main housing area has a huge wood pile. One has to wonder how long the pile lasts and how long it took to cut.

Mayflower II
An old boat found in the harbor.
Plymouth Harbor
The boat (and rock) is by the harbor, not the plantation. About a 10 minute ride between the two.
Mayflower Sleeping Hammock
The hammocks were the more comfortable sleeping options. Most sailors slept on wooden bed frames, no mattress.
Mayflower kitchen
The kitchen area on the boat actually had a brick wall, but I guess you need some way to cook and not burn the boat down..

 Tickets to Plimouth Plantation are $25.95 for an adult / $15 for a child. A more popular option is a combo ticket for the plantation and the Mayflower II. That runs $29.95 / $19. There is also a nearby Grist Mill that adds $5/$2 to the combo ticket price. Great way to spend a fall day.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting history trip. You took great photos.