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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get Help from Find & Save for Black Friday

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Are you planning out your Black Friday shopping yet? If not, you should be. With most if not all stores pre-publishing their Black Friday deals this year, and not trying to hide them until Thanksgiving, finding out what is available has never been easier. Of course, with so much information available, you can suffer from information overload and decide to stay out of the game this year. Sites like Find & Save are here to help you plan your shopping day (and night).

We've been some of the crazy people coming out at midnight each year. We plan out our trip differently each year based upon what is available and what our needs are. Lately, we've mostly taken advantage of Black Friday deals to increase what we donate to places like Toys for Tots and Cradles to Crayons. $5 board games are always a favorite to pickup, allowing us to at least double the amount we can buy for the same dollar amount. And sub-$15 winter coats are a favorite to pickup. Our biggest problem year in and year out is finding out what time stores open. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to open on Thanksgiving, so those midnight openings are impossible for big box stores since employees can't show up until midnight. Apart from the starting times, we've been able to use Find & Save to help preplan our shopping trip sooner rather than later.
Black Friday Circulars at Find & Save
While Black Friday tends not to be the top shopping day for Christmas, that typically is reserved for the Saturday before Christmas, many people hunt out deals for very specific products on that day. According to the Black Friday Survey from Find & Save, over 50% of people are spending at least two hours planning out and organizing their shopping excursion, and 3-5 hours actually shopping. Sites like Find & Save centralize offers and help simplify the whole process of finding the best deals. Many also offer mobile apps to help maintain your shopping list.

That survey presented some interesting findings, many of which we would fit in the outliers, not the norm. We're definitely one of their night owls, but we're usually not in the 75% of night owls shopping for electronics. We are one of the majority in hunting out a great deal, vs. there for the competition. Its all fun, but some people can get nasty out there.
Black Friday Night Owls vs. Early Bird Shoppers
Be safe out there when shopping and don't miss out on the $1,000 Holiday Sweeps at Find & Save. Enter before December 20th, 2013. US-only. Daily entries accepted.

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