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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Embedding Facebook Posts in Web Pages

Facebook Tips
In the past, I've posted how to embed tweets in your posts and how to embed the YouTube subscribe link in Rafflecopter. Here's an extension to that series with how to embed your Facebook posting on your web site. Your web site could be your blog, or any other page, there are no restrictions.

First, what exactly is an embedded Facebook post? It is a specially formatted block where the message shown in the block is that which you posted to Facebook, as shown here:

With the embedded post, someone would be able to comment directly, like, or share. And, of course, read the post.

The how part here is actually pretty easy. Step 1 is to find the post to your Facebook group that you want to share/embed.
Embed Post Facebook Menu
Once you find the right post to embed, click on the little triangle in the top right to open up the popup menu. The last item on the menu is Embed Post.
Embed this Post Facebook Popup Window
After pressing Embed Post, you'll get the "Embed this Post" popup window, which both shows you a previews of what you'll be embedding, and offers up the embed tags, which you should copy.

From there, all you have to do is place the content in the webpage you wish to embed it in. And, that is really it. Now, once you publish the page, your readers will see the embedded message. And, they can Like/Comment/Share based upon their desires.


  1. ohhhhh.. I like this a lot- thanks for sharing.. I will be using this sometime soon!