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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Uberconference Visual Conferencing Tool

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Do you hold frequent conference calls? Are you unhappy with your current solution as you can't easily tell who is on the call or who is actively speaking? If so, you need to check out Uberconference, the free visual conference call tool.

What makes it visual? You actually see head shots of who is on the call, connect easily to social media platforms of participants, and mange calls with an extensive collection of visual tools.

One thing not visual that it does is avoid the need for a PIN, automatically authenticating you through your favorite social media platform or caller ID. Another non-visual element is the HD audio quality.
Uberconference in action

Uberconference provides a free call conferencing solution for small groups. If the basics aren't enough, there is also Uberconference Pro, at $10/month. What the Pro version buys you is local dial-in numbers, support for up to 40 simultaneous callers, 500 minutes of outbound dialing to originate conference calls without inbound dialing in, and unlimited call recording.

I'm frequently on conference calls myself. The ability to remotely mute individual accounts as host, should prove to be one of the more useful features of Uberconfence. The ability to see social media connections from participants. I don't know if I'm as fond of that feature. It will help you make connections, but I'm not so sure about everyone seeing my connections so easily.

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