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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sweet Riot: Will Riot for Chocolate IndieGoGo

Sweet Riot Indigo Campaign
I get the occasional request to promote IndieGoGo campaigns and I think this is one of the first, if not the first, one I'm mentioning. If you're not familiar with IndieGoGo, it is an alternative fundraising site for companies just giving it a go. You basically help fund the company with rewards of company product typically, based upon your funding level. It is kinda like prepaying for their initial research and/or inventory in a way, though not in all cases.

Do you like chocolate? I know, silly question for most people. The company seeking funding on IndieGoGo here is Sweet Riot. They offer dark chocolate products that are organic, fair trade certified, and directly sourced from Latin American farmers. They're hunting out $50K of financing there, looking to create a 100 calorie product, and have a respectable start so far.

Cacao Farmer
Their bars are 140 calories (or 3 Weight Watcher Points). I think my favorite idea for a product they have is their dark chocolate nibs, at 1 calorie each. These small hits of chocolate, should satisfy any immediate craving, without going overboard calorie-wise.
Dark Chocolate Nibs
Do check them out and consider contributing to their needs. I always love reading the levels companies offer perks at. For Sweet Riot, you can get anywhere from three bars of their chocolate with a $25 contribution, to three squares of their chocolate, every day for a year, with a $500 contribution, and beyond. How can you pass up a deal like that.

Here's a quick video to help them explain their mission to you.

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