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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Super Pingu on Demand

Super Pingu
Starting yesterday (October 8th), Super Pingu is available for digital download and video on demand, from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. See what icy antics Pingu and his friends are up to in this hilarious twelve episode collection! 
An award-winning global animation star, Pingu never lacks for fun and adventure, sharing good times, hilarious antics and his own “Penguinese” language with his family and friends, particularly little sister, Pinga and best friend, Robby the Seal. Come enjoy some ice surfing, help out with chores around the igloo or just sit back and take in the snow… er, show!
  • Pingu and the Bird’s Mother
  • Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
  • Pingu Has an Idea
  • Pingu Plays Superman
  • Pingu Has a Fishing Competition
  • Pingu Hides a Letter
  • Pingu is Not Allowed to Join in the Game
  • Pingu and the Postcard
  • Pingu Makes a Discovery
  • Pingu’s Disadvantage
  • Pingu the Mountaineer
  • Pingu the Archer
Age target here is 2-8 and be sure to stop by the program's website.


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