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Monday, October 7, 2013

It's For The Dogs! Blogger Opp

We have a hundred twenty-five plus pound dog and finding appropriate dog giveaways isn't easy. They almost always target smaller breeds. Okay, you can forget about the almost, as I'm sure this is more appropriate for smaller breeds, too. If you're interested in promoting the November giveaway yourself, sign on.
It's for the Dog Blogger Opp. Sign-ups close Oct 31.
It's a giveaway event featuring prizes for your dog!
Brought to you by: Baby and the Chi's
We are so excited to offer this event! The prize is currently worth $100 and includes a Nina Ottosson puzzle toy, BioBag poo bags, Natural Dog Company snout soother balm, many many treats and food samples too!
Sign-Ups will be open through October 31st. One free link with announcement post (html available on sign-up form), all additional links are paid to cover prizes and shipping. Option to pay instead of post is available as well.
Giveaway will be open from November 4th through November 30th, and will be open to US residents only.


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