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Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Add Embedded Tweets to Blog Posts

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Have something important to say related to a post that you really want retweeted or highlighted within the post? You can embed the original tweet in your blog post. Then people can click on the included reply, retweet, or favorite links.

To demonstrate, here's a recent tweet of mine for a giveaway that is ending on 10/15:

Assuming JavaScript is enabled in your user's browser, the user sees a fully rendered embedded tweet. Without JavaScript, all they see is the attributed tweet.

Showing the More Menu for a Twitter Tweet

To do this for your own tweets (or any tweet actually that you want to highlight), just press the More button under the tweet.
Embed This Tweet Preview
This will bring up the Embed this Tweet window. Now, all you have to do is copy the code in the block at the top to the HTML window of your post. It is that simple.


  1. Thanks John, I was wondering how to do that:)! Just when I needed it! Thanks for sharing

  2. thanks i like to figure out stuff a ll the time