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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Visiting King Richard's Faire

King Richard's Faire in Carver, Mass runs weekends (plus Columbus Day) through October 20th. We've been regular visitors nearly every year but missed last year due to a mosquito scare. EEE or West Nile, I forget which. 
King Richard's Faire Characters
This year was great. Our 6 year old was finally old enough to get around on his own and not crash too quickly. We saw the guy with the flat head carrying his beer mug, with his friend the pirate. We saw some Mongol warriors, which seemed a bit out of place. Couldn't get a clean picture of them as everyone was crowding around them. It seems like if you have a costume and/or are into cosplay, this is the place to be, whether the costume was appropriate or not.

The first tip I'd recommend is bring lots of cash. They have an ATM there but it has a massive foreign ATM fee you want to avoid. The second tip is as soon as you get there, get food tickets. Most food is paid for with tickets so you prepay for the tickets then use the tickets to buy the food. Don't buy too many though as you can't exchange them. We've been known to hand over leftover tickets in the parking lot to people arriving as we leave. Somehow, we were perfect this year and used the last $2 in tickets for some milk at the sweets shack on the way out.
King Richard's Faire Jam Session

We grabbed some food, nearly using up all our $30 in tickets and a jam session broke out nearby. With food, think big turkey legs, pizza, corn on the cob. Things you can eat with your hands, no utensils required typically. On the healthy side, not much. I think I saw a salad. Lots of sweets available and the children's ice cream can literally feed a family of five.
King Richard's Faire angel

One of the more interesting costumes I saw was this guy with huge angel wings. They spread so far I couldn't even get them all in my picture. His wife had wings on, too, but they were much smaller. I guess they were there to help deal with the dead from the jousts.
King Richard's Faire ParadeKing Richard's Faire ParadeKing Richard's Faire ParadeKing Richard's Faire ParadeKing Richard's Faire Parade
During the day, there is a parade that runs around the grounds. Led by the king (sorry missed his picture), you see many of the performers and representatives of the stores offering their wares for sale. The third picture there seems to feature a smurf. I'm not sure which show she was a part of.
King Richard's Faire Workers
Traveling behind the horses are some of the more important workers.
King Richard's Faire Strength Test
We spent the most time of the day in the play area. Typically, for $3 or $5, you get to throw axes (literally), test your strength, knock your kid with some pillows, roll a mug down a bar, and ride down a zip line to simulate a joust, to name a few. There was even a kid-size strength test.
King Richard's Faire Wench
The highlight of the day was the joust. A wench makes sure you stand behind a rope to make sure you don't get too close. Apparently, one time the knight went over the fence into the crowd when the horse bucked. She helps you cheer at the right time for your respective knight.
King Richard's Faire Knight
Our knight was one of the first to lose. His horse then decided to leave a present and the rest of the performance literally stank.
King Richard's Faire Jousting
The jousting itself was the funnest to watch. It seems the winner comes from the section that cheers the loudest. I can understand why our knight lost first as we didn't cheer very loudly.
King Richard's Faire Artisan
If you're looking to acquire souvenirs, there are many artisans around making their wares. From artists to forgers to chandlers and many more. You can even buy a Hobbit Hole for about $2,000 or so. Most items were much cheaper than that. There is a gift shop right inside the entrance gate you can visit on the way out if you find the desire to bring something home. Next to it is a place to rent costumes if you desire to stop there on the way in.

Final tip, take note of where you parked your car. The lot is big. At the end of the aisles are colored flags. This serves as a great reminder of where you'll find your vehicle. Counting rows can also be done but is more apt to error if you think you missed a row.

Overall, we had a really fun day and will be sure to go back next year.

If you decide to go yourself, tickets run $28 for adults and $16 for children. It is best if you buy tickets online as the line at the faire can get rather long. If you don't buy online, make sure you bring a $2 coupon which you can find in newspapers. Oh yeah, bring cash, too, as they don't take credit cards.

Program your GPS to go to 235 Main Street, Carver, MA 02330. If you get lost, phone them at 508-866-5391.

You can find them online on Facebook and Twitter @KRFaire.

DisclosureI received tickets for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information. 


  1. Looks like fun, but far away from southern California. We have some similar types of events here, too.