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Sunday, September 8, 2013

flattenme Personalized Water Bottle Review

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The personalized book thing seems like it is everywhere these days. I still like it, especially as someone is just learning to read. The new reader's excitement as they see their name in the story is unbeatable the first time they see it. The printers/publishers are branching out into new products to see what else they can personalize. Thanks to the folks over at flattenme, I had the chance to try out their personalized water bottles. You provide the picture and they will superimpose the head of your child on a superhero, ballerina, or astronaut, among several other characters, too. Your kid then gets a water bottle that will never be mistaken as someone else's.

flattenme personalized water bottle
The process of creating a personalized water bottle is similar to creating a personalized book. Instead of providing names to add to the story, you provide a picture to put on the bottle and pick what body to use for the character. In fact, with flattenme, you can even add your child's picture to the story, too. 
Custom Water Bottle Design

For the personalized item, it is best if you provide a picture which offers a clear frontal view of your child's face with a solid (light/white) background. They will then crop the picture down and "attach" the face/head to the selected character. The results are then essentially printed on the waterbottle (or in the book). After shipment, you get to enjoy for years to come.

My son loved the bottle when he first saw it. The bottle arrived just in time for the end of summer camp. And, of course, he took it into camp the next day. All the kids were oohing and aahing about it supposedly. I even heard from his counselor about it, too. It now makes its way into school with his lunch. And if by chance he happens to leave the bottle behind, it should be pretty easy to find its way back to him. We'll have to see if that is put to the test.

In addition to personalized water bottles and books, flattenme also does personalized t-shirts, wall art, and cards. Be sure to check them out if you like the whole idea of putting your kid's face on different products. I'm sure the grandparents would love getting a t-shirt.

We love the 20 oz. personalized stainless steel water bottle. We'll see how well it holds up to the abuse of a six-year-old. Priced for $24.95.

Interested in getting your own? Check out our giveaway of a personalized water bottle. It runs until 9/30/13.


  1. This is pretty cool, I would never hear "mom someone took my water bottle", again because I don't need to worry about it getting mixed up with his classmates. Thanks for the review.