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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Java John Z's August Giveaways

Java John Z's
We have about 40 active giveaways going on right now at Java John Z's. All are listed in the widget to the right labeled Current Giveaways. You can also find them with the giveaways label, though that also includes giveaways pointed out on other sites, too.

Most are group giveaways where you can find the same giveaway hosted by multiple bloggers. Visit the giveaway on any of the blogger sites and you're entering the same giveaway on each. The rest of the giveaways are only hosted here. By that, I mean if you're not on the Java John Z's site (, you won't see the giveaway. You might see the same prize elsewhere, but not the same giveaway.

We actually have nine giveaways hosted only here right now, and they are starting to end real soon now. Here's a quick summary of what is available right now. Be sure to enter before they end if you want to win the prizes.
There is a tenth giveaway worth mentioning. Ending today 8/22 is a giveaway of four personalized books from I See Me! Don't miss out on winning one of the four books: 4 I See Me! Personalized Books.

Good luck and look for some more giveaways soon. Thanks for hanging around.


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