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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Methods to Protect Data for a Small Business

Internal Hard Drive by Petr Kratochvil

We have a guest post this week on backup strategies.

If you own a small business, it is critical that your business has a program that routinely backs up your data. Losing your data means expensive downtime. As long as you are working on recovering your data, you are not productively running your business. In addition, you might lose important data that cannot be recovered. Using cloud storage space for a small business is a great first step, but it isn’t the only method you should use. To secure your data, you should implement the following back-up strategies:

  • Full backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Continuous backup
  • Physical offsite backup
  • Online offsite backup
Full Backup

A full backup is essential. This is the first backup that you do of your data. Depending on how much data you have, it might take a while for this backup to be completed.

Incremental Backup

Incremental backups are designed to back up only the data that has changed since the most recent backup. Because you aren’t backing up all your data, these backups take less time to do. There are programs that will perform automatic incremental backups based on a schedule that you determine.

Continuous Backup

If you are constantly connected to the Internet, continuous backup is an excellent option. The minute a file or any data is changed, it is backed up instantly. 

Physical Offsite Backup

This method collects all your data and stores it in a location that is separate from your hard drive. There are two different aspects of a physical backup. One is that you backup your data to a physical drive, such as a portable hard drive and discs, and you store the data onsite. The other option is to physically backup your data and then store it in a completely different location. The nice thing about physical backups is that data restores easily when the need arises.

Online Offsite Backup

Cloud storage space for a small business is another offsite backup option. It backs up data and stores it on the Internet using a secure server. The main disadvantage is that it is more difficult to restore your data from this method because of limits to Internet bandwidth.


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