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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steps for Roofing a House

Roof And Chimney by George Hodan
Roof And Chimney by George Hodan

If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Denver, CO, be sure to contact one who knows what they are doing to ensure safety and stability. It can be extremely dangerous and complicated to roof a house and that is why many people hire a professional. If you are looking to roof a house yourself, it is crucial that you plan out the job completely and with careful instruction. If you plan what to do and complete the project properly, your home will last longer and your roof will keep the entire structure strong. The roof is a vital part of your home and it truly reflects the quality of your property. Be sure to follow the steps to roofing a house carefully to be satisfied with the results.

Roofing Steps

The first step to roofing a home is to plan your job by sizing up the entire roof for dimensions and materials needed. Shingles, tarpaper, and other materials will be needed to complete the structure. Take measurements and be sure that the ladder is safely secured while doing so.

Second, lay down a tarp around the edges of your home to catch any falling items and debris while stripping your old roof. Wear gloves and remove the shingles with the stripper tools. If you use a chemical on the sealant it will make the job much easier to remove all elements and have a fresh start on your roof.

The third step is to replace and re-nail your sheathing, which is the base of your roof. If you are not putting new sheathing down, re-nail the existing sheathing to ensure its durability and venting.

Fourth, you must put down your water guard and install it properly to prevent your roof from leaking. Lay it over the roof and be sure that no visible gaps are open in the sealant.

Fifth, the underlayment, or tarpaper, must be installed with roofing nails. Staple guns can be used but nails are stronger and it must be applied over the entire roof.

Sixth, install the flashing at all rises and corners of the roof to prevent the roof from leaking. It goes around the base of the chimney and any other additions to your roof. Each piece must be cut to the exact size and placed correctly on each area.

The last step is to install your shingles by nailing them in from one side to the other. They must be overlaid and led towards the peak of the roof. Lay them in rows and do this until the entire roof has shingles neatly placed on the house. These steps are very simple to do yourself or you can install a roofing contractor in Denver, CO to assist you and leave you satisfied with your property.

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