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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mother Company Giveaway #moco

Summertime is fun with the kiddies. Even with camp, they have lots of free time and little to know learning going on. You hope they at least do some reading but that seems to be difficult to convince them to do. And, at the 3-6 age range, they don't do much solo reading so you have to be free, too. Here's a giveaway that will help in the entertainment arena. Good luck. You have until 7/22 to enter to win. Only 5 days.
Enter to win the Mother Company Giveaway by 7/22.
If you have kids from ages 3-6 this giveaway is one you want to enter! Thanks to the Mother Company, videos, books and iPad apps are available to help kids learn and have fun at the same time, a mother's best wish come true! Dad, too. The shows your kids get to watch are hosted by Ruby, and she will show the kids art projects, games and stories where they will learn about empathy, conflict resolution, The Golden Rule and other ways to make nurturing, long-lasting friendships.

Do you want to see a little snippet of the show? I really wanted to, so here is a little looksie at what you get:

The giveaway offers you the parents a gift pack that will include
--2 DVD's of the shows from Ruby's Studio ("The Friendship Show" and "The Feelings Show")
--The newest book from the series "When Miles Got Mad"
---A $25 Gift to shop Amazon so you can shop for more great products!

This is an amazing prize pack and a great way to help you mom's and dad's out this summer! Won't you join in on this giveaway for your chance to win?
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Giveaway Ends July 22, so be sure to enter before then and Good Luck!
My blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.


  1. To help my daughter to make new friends , I got her to join girl scouts and she loved it. After 17 years they are all good friends still.

  2. By hosting parties at our place or planning playdates. :)

  3. By taking them to public places often. I also make sure to talk to the children and engage them in a group conversation.

  4. let invite friends and feed cookies :)

  5. I can help my child make friends by getting them signed up for sports and activities they are interested in. Then they will meet other kids who have similar interests, which helps them become friends.
    Ross Olson

  6. I have have helped them by teaching them how to treat their siblings. This makes them better able to treat others correctly.

  7. I like to open our home to kids and be friendly to them myself--teach by example and the visiting kids become friends with all of us.

  8. I help them make friends by promoting friendly, positive interactions with other children.

  9. My kids are older but they make friends from Church gatherings.

  10. by encouraging a positive attitude and behavior