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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DropCam Giveaway Blogger Opp

Spy camera time? Here's a free blogger opportunity for a $150 DropCam wireless camera.  Sign ups end 7/22 and you'll get a free Twitter or Pinterest link if you participate.

DropCam Giveaway Blogger Opportunity
Hosted By The Nurse Mommy

Sign on to help blogger promote DropCam giveaway

Event dates July 25-August 13

1. Prize is one DropCam with ARV $150, limited to US entrants.

2. Both paid and free options.

3. Co-Hosts: Could be you! Only taking two co-hosts for this event! Will include task pages and backlinks in body of event post. Fee: $12 and comes with a high entry value task page, four links of your choosing (daily vote link can be included), will be included in the Giveaway Tools form.

4. Follow Pages: Depends on number of participants, expecting approximately 3 follow pages. Fee: $8 with three links of your choosing. Will be included in the Giveaway Tools form.

5. Free option. Limiting to 15-20 free participants. You will receive a free Twitter or Pinterest link with announcement post, or a $5 entry fee. Place our event button on your blog homepage and receive a second link (Twitter or Pinterest)

6. Extra links: $2 each (Facebook, Pinterest, Email Subscribe, RSS, FeedBurner) Daily Vote Links: $3 each.

7. MANDATORY: Must promote 3-4 times per week. Will be verifying. You can auto-schedule FB posts that can link to twitter.

8. Person who refers most bloggers and/or refers co-hosts will win a referral prize! All of funds collected from this event will go towards promotion of this event and referral prize.

Sign ups: DropCam Opp

Announcement post here: Google Doc for HTML

Any questions, please contact Michelle at babagrlshell {at} gmail [dot] com


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