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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Customer Relationship Managing Takes More than Phone Calls

friendly customer service

Friendly Customer Service by Vera Kratochvil

In this day and age, customer relationship managing (CRM) requires more than just tracking phone calls. Your relationship with your customers relies on knowing everything that has taken place in the past and applying it to your present communications. It doesn’t do you or your business any good to call a customer and ask them if they want your newest product if that customer already has it. Likewise, it doesn’t do any good to call and ask how the business likes the new product if the customer has not yet purchased it. The problem is that communications are so diverse that it is hard to keep track off all of the phone calls, emails, text messages, Facebook posts, tweets, and however else your customers choose to communicate. That is where a CRM contact center comes in handy.

Costs of Contact

Jodie Foster might have a different view of this, but in the business world, the cost of contact may be greater than the reward, especially if you are doing it wrong. The problem with the cost assessment of customer service and the way that business is run is that customer service needs time to build for a payoff, and businesses are run on a quarterly model. If your relationship with your customer hasn’t paid off within three months, it is time to cut bait because that noncustomer is hurting your bottom line. Here is the important thing to remember – it can cost infinitely more to get a new customer than to keep an old one. That is because your loyal customers may come to you before you solicit them while getting a new customer will always cost you something in time or advertising.

Knowledge is Power

Tracking your contacts with your customer base may seem like it is too time-consuming to be cost effective. However, as Google and Facebook will tell you, the more you know about the people you serve, the more likely you are to be able to meet their needs. That transforms your business into one that is in the business of printing money, figuratively speaking, of course. A CRM contact center can make it happen.

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