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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bespoke Post's Box of Awesome Review

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Thanks to a campaign at SVERVE, I got to try out the monthly subscription service for men from Bespoke Post. Arriving just in time for the 4th of July, they sent me their 'Cue box, short for barbecue. This regularly goes for a subscription price of $45 / month, though the box is now featured as a past favorite and you can buy for $60. It contains over $70 worth of goodies, with their goal of you liking something and wanting to buy more from them. The items are what you might consider gourmet, or limited, or small batch where they aren't regularly available in stores. Perhaps online, but you won't be able to go to your regular grocery store to buy these, usually. The subscription service gets the items out to the masses to try out, items that wouldn't regularly be available to you.
Bespoke Post's Box of Awesome
The 'Cue box came with some great items to help out our barbecue. There's a gourmet ketchup from Sir Kensington’s, an artisan mustard that is whole grain from Tin Mustard, and a single-estate peppercorn Parameswaran by Salt Traders. Probably the most interesting item in the bunch is the seasoning mixes from Whole Spice. There are three mixes here, a Chipotle & Honey Rub, a Moroccan Harissa Rub, and some Chimichurri Seasoning. All perfect to enhance the flavors of the items on the grill. I liked the chipotle one best as it hinted of garlic. Speaking of likes, my son loved the gourmet ketchup and actually commented about it being more of a tomato paste base than the looser Heinz ketchup. Time to say good-bye to Heinz? Maybe.
4th of July Barbecue

That left three more items.

The TruBee Honey is advertised as raw, pure, and unpasteurized American honey, harvested in Tennessee from “free-range” honeybees. My wife has been big on local honey lately and I'm not sure if Tennessee qualifies as local to Boston. The taste is definitely there, the location isn't though.

The grill planks from Outdoor Gourmet I haven't played with yet. You get three in the box: Hickory, Cedar & Alder. Each offers a slightly different taste supposedly. For those items you might not be familiar with using, instructions (or recipes) are available to help. With the planks, they provide a How to Use a Grilling Plank article and Plank Pairings.

The last item was some chips from Food Should Taste Good. I actually had these before. The Blue Corn variety was not my favorite, made with quinoa, soy, and brown rice, among other things. Definitely not your typical multi-grain tortilla chip. I really liked the jalapeño-flavored chips, with its diced jalapeño peppers and crushed red peppers. This is actually the same flavor I tried before from this company. Yes, I like spice though they aren't as spicy as the ingredients make it sound.

If you subscribe, not all the boxes offered are food-related. Two other past boxes the company highlights are one called Polished for shoe polish and another called Shave (II), with a facial shaving theme. The subscription process works as follows... They'll notify you on the 1st of the month for that month's designated box. If you don't want it, you have to contact them by the 5th. Otherwise, they'll ship it to you. And as previously mentioned, the monthly cost is $45 for those months you accept the box.

This is my first time trying a subscription service. I've always toyed with giving something like this as a gift, and I'll definitely consider Bespoke Post in the future if I ever have that need. I like that you aren't required to get each month's box. But generally speaking, a great item, either for a gift, or if you want to be adventurous and like trying new things yourself. Be sure to check it out.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information. 


  1. Thanks for the review. My husband would actually enjoy this.
    morales_y at yahoo dot com

  2. I would love this, it would be like Christmas all the time, never knowing what was going to be in your box and unwrapping all those goodies!

  3. These seem a bit on the expensive side, but love the assortment of items you would have a hard time finding anywhere else.

  4. These do seem a bit pricey, but I like the idea that you can opt out if the these doesn't work - like my husband doesn't wear dress shoes (retired!) o a shoe polish box wouldn't be of any interest. I'll take a look...

  5. Wowww.... this box is awesome! Love those fancy pansy rubs and seasonings.

  6. The box sounds great, but a savings of $10 over retail is not enough to get me to subscribe. I wish the savings were better ~ the items were awesome.