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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winners Winners Winners

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I haven't posted sweeps winners in a bit (the AquaChef winner back in March) so I thought I would congratulate a few folks. There have been ten giveaways I hosted myself where I didn't announce the winner(s). These are the giveaways that I hosted here, not the group giveaways. So, while I have just shy of 50 giveaways right now, only four of those are hosted here alone. The other forty-two are group giveaways where the host is elsewhere and I have no part in winner selection, and, in most cases, I can even win.

RoboForm Everywhere had five winners: Charlotte R., Cynthia C., Ann F., TorVic L., and Asriel A.

The Child Identity Theft book was won by Sue H.

The Hobbit Blu-ray combo pack had Rich M. win.

The $25 Google Play gift card was won by Elena I.

The Sheepshearing Festival at Gore Place had multiple winners but not all the prizes were given away due to the event timing and several winners not being able to go. Lauren E. and Victoria enjoyed the festival. I'm working to bring more local giveaways/reviews here.

The PerfectChop Cutting Board winner was Sharon G.

The Warner Bros. Mother's Day Prize Pack went to Amanda G.

Our Uglee Pen went to Jo F.

The Epson LabelWorks Iron-on Kit and the DUB Garage die-cast Camaro both went to Laurie N. I literally just realized she won both.

Congrats goes out to all.

If you're ever curious who wins any of the giveaways here, just go back and visit the entry page. It should show the giveaway winner there embedded in the entry form.

Thank you all for visiting, reading the articles, and participating in all the giveaways. Be sure to enter all the current giveaways, too. We have over ten thousand dollars in prizes up for grabs in all the giveaways. The $4,800 hot tub prize helps to push up the total, but several other giveaways have over $1,000 in prizes available (Decked Out Dad's Days, Father's Day EventCalifornia Wine Club), too.

Good luck and thanks.


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