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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lessons Learned from Drum Lessons

Drummer by Peter Griffin 

Oftentimes in life there are many lessons that we can learn from the things we do. In fact, there are many times when we learn secondary, more important lessons from within some other setting. For example, while taking Seattle drum lessons, you will likely learn some other life lessons.

Life Lessons Learned from Playing the Drums

Whether it is the drums or some other musical instrument that someone is learning to play, there is a life lesson learned in how to stick with something. It is not easy to practice every day. It is not easy to continue to work at something when the progress is not that apparent quickly. Learning to stick to something and continue to work at it day after day is something that carries over into all aspects of life. Another lesson that may be learned from taking lessons learning to play some musical instrument is how to perform in front of an audience. When taking musical instrument lessons, one of the goals is to learn particular pieces that you can then play in front of an audience. This helps teach the life lesson of performing under pressure. This real skill can separate those in leadership positions in a career versus those further down the totem pole. 

Social Skills Learned from Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument is done in a social environment. Even if it is only the teacher and the student, it is imperative that the student learn how to take feedback and apply it in a positive way. It is not easy to hear that you are not performing well and it can be easy to become upset. However, those who will go further in life are those that will learn how to take the feedback and improve their skill from that feedback. This valuable social skill can translate into just about any career. Those who can take the feedback from a boss and apply that feedback are better equipped to progress in the company. It is not a far stretch to see how taking Seattle drum lessons can translate into some lifelong skills.

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