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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bounce House / Water Slide Giveaways

Bounce House Pump
The bounce house and water slide giveaways hosted here are starting to close, with today being the first for the current bunch. Besides the five currently running here now, I did run across several others around the web that I'm not involved with. Those are listed below, too. Some new ones will be starting soon. Here is a rundown of all the giveaways I'm aware of for bounce houses and water slides. Many are sponsored by Blast Zone. Perhaps I can convince them to do one here with me as the host.

Plummet Falls Waterslide Giveaway
The Plummet Falls Waterslide Giveaway ends today.

Playhouse Bouncers Little Sprout - All-In-One Bouncer, Slide & Pool

Playhouse Bouncers Little Sprout - All-In-One Bouncer, Slide & Pool giveaway ends on 6/10.

Blast Zone Air Walker Bounce Castle
Blast Zone Air Walker Bounce Castle giveaway ends 6/20.
Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Slide
Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Slide giveaway ends 6/22.
Hydrorush Waterpark Giveaway
The Hydrorush Waterpark Giveaway ends 6/30.

For the ones not hosted here:

If you know of more, please let in comments.

And a couple coming here in the not to distant future:


  1. these r awsome iv been neening one for 8 yrs ...i just wana say thanks for the chance!!!!!!!:)