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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scheduling Facebook Posts to Appear Later

Facebook Logo
I haven't done a tech tip type article in some time so I thought I would post something I recently discovered. With all the giveaways I have going on, I need to do frequent promotion of them. But, how do can I schedule posts in the future so the promotion messages don't appear all at once when I'm online? Without using any tools besides what Facebook offers, this is easily supported. And I never noticed this myself prior to seeing their help page.

The key to the whole process of scheduling your Facebook posts is a little icon that looks like a clock:
Schedule Facebook Posting Icon
First, this feature is only available for Fan pages, not individual users. Secondly, you can only schedule messages for at least 10 minutes in the future. But after clicking on the clock, you are prompted for when you want a post to appear:
Schedule Facebook Post
Just fill in each individual field, and your message will get posted at the designated time when you press the Schedule button, after filling in the message text. It is really that easy. Enter a time in the past, and the message appears immediately. When selecting minutes,  you can only select every ten minutes, as in 10 after, 20 after, 30 after. It appears you cannot select specific times.

It really is that simple to do. Hopefully, this will allow me to spread out my giveaway promotional posts better.


  1. Awesome Post! Thanks for sharing, I never noticed that little icon before you pointed it out :)

  2. This is such a great post. I never knew this and it can make my life so much easier! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I use a service to schedule my posts. It's so nice to be able to preschedule

  4. Sometimes I feel like a social gork - I did not even know this was possible - thought you had to subscribe to a service to make it happen. Thanks for the tip!

  5. That's John...I had no idea this even existed.

  6. Thanks. I haven't seen that before, and if I did, I didn't know what it was anyhoo, being the Facebook novice that I am.