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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sacrifice Book Tour - Top Ten Gryphon Series Battles

Author Stacey Rourke
Author Stacey Rourke has her latest stop on The Sacrifice book tour here with her favorite battles from the book series. If you haven't entered yet, don't miss trying to win some Sacrifice book swag, and a $25 Amazon gift card.

Top Ten Gryphon Series Battles 

10.) The Fog Monsters-In book one, The Conduit, the Garrett kids train against these potent monsters. The hard part about fighting these hulking beasts? They are only corporeal when they want to be, the rest of the time their form is purely mist that punches and kicks pass right through. Needless to say that makes kicking their butts tricky!

9.) Darious- the first Seeker that Celeste encounters. He can morph into a black panther and doesn't always abide by the rules of his leaders. Because of him Kendall gets sliced up, and Grams ends up in the hospital. Darious is a tool, but he does take a tranquilizer dart in the butt cheek so that makes it a little better.

8.) Barnabus-being a psycho killer is bad enough, but add to that the ability to shapeshift into a three story dragon and this dude is just bad news. Especially when he stabs our favorite lion, Gabe, in the chest with a spike from his tail and nearly kills Celeste’s crush, Alec, right in front of her. This is one giant lizard that needed to be knocked down a peg or twenty!

7.) Frog Demon – It’s hard to take a demon seriously when he has the head of a frog, but has the size and stature of a man … and happens to be dressed in Old Navy’s fall line. However this demon happens to have poisonous spit. One touch from his whip like tongue can cause paralysis—which takes some of the funny out of his otherwise comical appearance.

6.) Caleb, Caleb, Caleb – The dark hair, sparkling emerald eyes, and movie star good looks … too good to be true? Only if you consider the fact that he’s been infected with demon blood and sent to kill the Conduit a bad thing.

5.) The Batbull- technically he’s the Titan with the power over the land that can make the earth itself tremble by dig his claws into the soil. But since he looks like the love child of a bat and bull that just happens to be able to walk on two legs it’s no wonder the Conduit dubs him this.

4.) The Landshark- A Great White with legs. Need I say more?

3.) Twelve Titans at once – this particular fight scenes is one of my favorite of the series! Titans of fire, water, air and earth against our Conduit all by her lonesome. Lucky for her she’s armed with a broad sword, mace and axe that have been enchanted just for these creatures and she’s dealing with a nasty case of a broken heart. What better time for a demonic smack down?

2.) Demonic Spider- Even a dress fitting can’t go smoothly if your last name happens to be Garrett. What better way to ward off an enormous attacking arachnid than by whipping formal wear at it?

1.) Gnomezilla! An ocean of walking, talking garden gnomes bond together to form one monstrous gnome. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s even more terrifying than the landshark.

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